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New To Road Biking(4 posts)

New To Road Bikingarslan
Apr 18, 2002 8:50 PM
I'm relatively new to road biking.
Kind of a weird question, But how do you know if youre interested in road biking?, or, what turns you on about road biking?
Last season I mountain biked less and went on longer road rides with my mountain bike. That's what compelled me to getting a Trek road bike for this season.
Am I going in the right direction?
Anything else I should know,
I kind of did the same thing...floatch
Apr 19, 2002 4:30 AM
I'v always ridden MTB's, and more and more I've gotten interested in touring and long distance riding. I used to just load up my MTB and ride all day, but one day I started thinking about how much faster and more comfortable I'd be on a road bike. Actually, that day was a 100+ mile ride, in the rain, fully loaded with panniers and camping equipment. I bought a TREK 5200, and while I wouldn't even consider loading this thing up with panniers or a rack, I LOVE riding on the road now. It blows my mind how much faster and smoother a road bike is on the road. It used to be that maintaining a 17+ mile an hour average on my MTB was really cooking over long distances. It's much easier on a road bike, and distances seem MUCH shorter.
Now, I'll probably never part with my MTB. I love riding through the woods in the summer. But, I will also never part with my new roadbike. It's fast, smooth, and makes me want to get faster everytime I ride. I guess that's what I like about it. Good luck!
I think many us us converted that way...dust
Apr 19, 2002 9:42 AM
I have to agree with floatch. I rode my MTB for years and the last two seasons I started to do more road riding on my MTB. I put road tires on instead of the knobbies and started signing up for a few charity rides. After a couple MS150s I said it's time to plunge into road bikes full time. So I scoured the net and researched all winter (this site helped a lot) and eventually just last month bought a Cannondale frame with a Campy Chorus build from It is like day and night, I can't keep off the thing. It has changed my life. Literally, I ran a triathlon last year and used my MTB, this year I signed up for several knowing that my bike time will now cook. I am also looking forward to getting into the local racing scene. My wife even fell in love with my new bike and wants one now. I still have my MBT, I would never part with it because I need the trails every now and then also, but there IS NOTHING like the speed of the road once you have a taste of it.
Have fun with that new Trek, I think you are doing what most of us have done. Good luck!
How I startedChaz_cycles
Apr 19, 2002 7:11 PM
I switched to the road for the same reasons. I started riding my mountain bike to work to help keep me in shape for riding off road. Instead what it did is show me that I really enjoyed riding without shooting over the handlebars. I ended up buying a Salsa LaRaza and selling my 3 mountain bikes. That was 96 from then on it has been the road although, I did just buy a Cyclecross bike. So maybe I still have some of the off road spirit left in me.