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Shaving Legs(10 posts)

Shaving Legsmtnbiker371
Apr 18, 2002 7:21 AM
I have not yet tried shaving my legs as many riders do....any suggestions or comments? Where do you stop shaving? Do you shave your eummm..."privates" as well? Thanks for the advice!
whatever you wantColnagoFE
Apr 18, 2002 7:32 AM
personally i don't shave my privates, but hair shorts are kinda gross in my book so i shave right up to there.
re: Shaving LegsTroyboy
Apr 18, 2002 7:42 AM
Clip them first with a Wahl type clipper. I'm a race day only shaver, so I go one or two weeks between each race. Clipper helps bigtime. Clip first and save razor lifetime and a lot of time for you. If not, you can blow a razor in one shot depending upon how hairy you are.
re: Shaving Legseschelon
Apr 18, 2002 7:59 AM
Shave as much as you want...hell, you can shave only down to your know kind of like having bare thighs and leaving the knee on down with hair...kind of like hair socks.

Or you can shave everything...even the balls...go Amish for all I care...or shave only what you feel comfortable doing.
Hair shorts ain't cool...EpicX
Apr 18, 2002 8:52 AM
Go all the way! As for the other bit, umm.. it's up to you, but i will say if you decide to do it, keep doing it. getting stubbly around there is NOT comfortable. If nothing else, it makes a nice surprise for the old lady or whoever.

Clippers , but if you don't have them, another option is if
you have an electric shaver with one of those flip up trimmers on the back you can use that to trim down all the excess hair the first time. You'll dull less razors, and probably get less nicks.

You'll probably get 400 opinions on technique today, but however and wherever you shave remember this:

1. Moisturize!Moisturize!Moisturize!Moisturize! - use lotion, use baby oil, whatever. just do it or you WILL be uncomfortable.

2. Try one of those bath poofy things in the shower to scrub your legs, especially the bikini(on a guy??) line. Exfoliating helps prevent ingrown hairs. Since I started doing this, I have only had one.
re: Shaving Legscurtis
Apr 18, 2002 8:54 AM
Sit on your bike. Look where the saddle ends, halfway (or so) down your inner thighs. STOP SHAVING AT THIS POINT!!!

I went through agonizing HELL when I shaved all the way up. My legs rubbed against the saddle and with no hair to (sorta) lubricate, my skin got raw and broke out something HORRIBLE!. You need that hair there to protect against that chafing.

That said, I shave all the way up, except on my inner thighs. I even shave my guys (but only trim the triangle), but that's more for my girlfriend than for me.

Good luck.
Try wearing shorts ;) (nm)mmquest
Apr 18, 2002 9:18 AM
re: Shaving LegsTSlothrop
Apr 18, 2002 9:44 AM
It is important to shave your legs as they are rotating mass, those few micro-grammes count come race day. With increased aero dynamics and lower rotating leg mass I shaved (haha) 0.02 sexonds off my PB on a 10K tt. Impressive!
a most comprehensive responseJS Haiku Shop
Apr 18, 2002 11:03 AM
JS Haiku Shop "the ultimate leg shaving (haiku) FAQ" 4/18/02 12:00pm
use a Gillette Mach 3 for best results -NMTig
Apr 18, 2002 3:33 PM