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Let's hear some success stories! (long message ahead)(11 posts)

Let's hear some success stories! (long message ahead)empacher6seat
Apr 17, 2002 2:23 PM
No matter what sport you participate in, if you love it, you train hard. I don't know about you guys, but one of the things in sports that makes me feel like a million bucks are those moments when you overcome a big training milestone. Nothing gets me higher then that feeling, and nothing is more insperational to hear, so I figured, with spring beginning and all the summer sports getting into full swing, I wanna hear about some of your proudest moments in cycling, or any other sport!

Since I'm pretty new to cycling, I'll share the one that made me realize how much I like the challenge of the sport and take it on on a more regular basis:

For the last few years I've been riding a 15 year old Canadian Tire brand mtb around town. Last summer, every morning at 5:30 I was biking across town to a lake for rowing practice. On the way, there's a HUGE hill... my car can barely make it up that sucker (then again, I drive an '86 Accord...). Some of my friends who are hard-core cyclists wont even climb that. I thought it wouldn't be that hard, I train for rowing 6-8 times per week, had a killer cardio base and strong legs, but I didn't realized that biking and rowing work the legs in a COMPLETE different fashion. Needless to say, the first attempt at the monster hill only lasted around 50 meters. But every morning I did the same hill and went at it like I was being chased by rabid dogs, and every couple of days I noticed I would pass one or two more driveways then I could the time before, and after some hard work and persistance, I could fly up that hill, have my rowing practice for 2.5 hours, and bike nack home and feel like doing it again!
really, you want us to brag about average speeds? :-)RideLots
Apr 17, 2002 3:00 PM
Two weeks ago I rode 250 miles, solo, in just over 13 hours. Only about 6,500 feet of climbing, though. It was training and testing for an upcoming 24 hr race. At the end, I felt like I could have kept right on going. But, I've been training specifically for that sort of riding for a couple of years.

This last Saturday I did 97 miles solo in 4 hrs 40 minutes. Completely flat and on a time trial bike, some wind.

Last summer I climbed Big Creek hill between Big Creek and Huntington Lake dam in 33 minutes. Over 2,000 feet gain in 3.5 miles. My previous PR was 37 minutes. Anyone who has done Climb to Kaiser near Fresno knows what that hill is like.

Yes, it is good to reach milestones and accomplish what you may have previously thought was impossible. Very gratifying.
re: Let's hear some success stories! (long message ahead)Troyboy
Apr 17, 2002 3:13 PM
Well, I've always been involved with competitive sports. No training or fun ride or hard ride does anything for me. Yeah it's nice to tackle Angeles Crest and continue to improve times.

For me, it's racin', the thrill of the competition. I love hearin' my name and team announced on the loudspeaker each time round the course. Those are the times that do it. For me it's finishing before the guys that I've taken notice to have finished before me in the last bunch of races.

At least recently, the success story for me has been just to ride in the top 3 for more than half the race, heck just to pack finish. After a nasty nasty fluke crash last year, therapy, litigation and time off bike, I thought I'd totally lost it and considered giving it up. During early training runs I had no comfort going fast and being packed in the pack again. I'm slowly riding it out of me and reasonably think that by late this year I could see some placing again.

I've got one speed skiing trophy in an entire roomfull that's got 6 1st places. I really like that one. That sorta thing does it for me.
Eh, why not. I've got an off kilter view on this.Ahimsa
Apr 17, 2002 5:35 PM
Here's a success story from me.

Every time I ride smooth as the effortless breeze. Every time I ride without incident or hesitation. Every time I feel like I could ride forever without stopping. Every time I swing through traffic like it isn't even moving and beat the tailing cab to the lane. Every time I come barreling up the main drag off that slight downhill into the heart of downtown and squeeze through two buses like it was nothing more than a steel canyon under a deisel clouded sky.

Man, that is success for me. That is winning. When it feels good to just ride. When the ride is just a ride and you still love it. When one ride in a blur of millions still feels like the first and last one.

A. (Strives not so much to just be fast, but to be "in the zone".)
re: Let's hear some success stories! (long message ahead)Brit Racer
Apr 18, 2002 1:29 AM
Mr Empacher, I suspect that like me you're a rower. Hence, some rowing milestones:

Averaging 2:00 on the erg for 10mins as a J14 (1989)
Winning the nationals as a J16 in a 4+ (1991)
Winning my first sculling race (1994)
Breaking 8:00 for a 2.5k erg (1995)
Breaking 6:20 on a 2k erg (1997)
Being seeded at Henley Royal Regatta (1995, 1999, 2001) and making the semi twice
Finishing in the top 15 at the Head of the River Race (2001)

Cycling ones?
Finishing first century in 4.5 hrs
Finishing in the top 10 on a 90k MTB endurance race.
re: Let's hear some success stories! (long message ahead)empacher6seat
Apr 18, 2002 8:56 AM
it's cool to have another rower here!!
Those are some pretty impressive times!!
Mine may not be as impressive to some, but I am proud.Rode Warrior
Apr 18, 2002 10:39 AM
Just a few of my latest milestones.

Lost 60 pounds in 7 months.
Increased my average speed to around 20mph.
Started attending college.
Moved to Colorado.
Got married.
Mine may not be as impressive to some, but I am proud.rwbadley
Apr 18, 2002 11:20 AM
Rode Warrior,
I am impressed! Good job!
What you have accomplished shows as much, or more dedication as any previous posts.
Please be happy and satisfied with what you have done!
RW Badley
In that order? :-) nmRideLots
Apr 18, 2002 1:45 PM
a bit like roadwarrior...Krypton
Apr 18, 2002 1:41 PM
-11 years ago lost 75 pounds in 7 months (have not gained it back)
-my first 40K under the hour
-my first mtb race (3 stage race, finished 8th on the muddy forest section, 2nd on the climbing section, and 11th on the downhill (with x-country bike), all out of 111 paticipants)
-my first 100k on the road bike
-my first and only shut-out in an hockey game (I'm a goallie)

Just thinking back to those, it motivates me...
Outplay 'em; outthink 'em or intimidate 'emSlipstream
Apr 18, 2002 3:47 PM
It's difficult moving from being really competent at one sport (racquetball) and taking up another one entirely (cycling). In racquetball, I was able to win by always changing my game to address the situation. In most cases, the other player was at least as good if not better than me. Somehow, I was able to apply a complete game to usually win.

I have taught this approach to those those I have coached; and for those who have dedicated themselves to practicing, they have gone on to do well too, including being sponsored by Ektelon and another winning the college championship. I enjoy seeing others: develop their skills; take on increasingly more difficult challenges; realize that what seems easy may take years of hard work before a true mastery takes place. I have won numerous local, regional & state tournaments.

In cycling, I can't hold a candle to those on this post as well as many of the others on this board. What I can say is that I understand the need for extreme sacrifice, dedication and passion if one is to excel at whatever they pursue. My hat's off to all of you!