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Just got my certified Garneau Prologue...(4 posts)

Just got my certified Garneau Prologue...Akirasho
Apr 17, 2002 11:59 AM
... too soon to tell if it gives me any "free" speed, but it's a well constructed, relatively lightweight (at least by feel) aero helmet (noticably heavier than other high end helmets) with an integrated windshield.

I bought a yellow one from Nytro, and it came with an extra brow pad, a couple of "patches" to cover the front vents (3), labels for ID purposes and a helmet bag. Total cost for being the first kid on my block was $120 USD.

The helmet fit my noggin' fairly well right out of the box. It did not come with any extra pads (aside from a second brow) but any extra pads or others from other helmets would dial in individual fit.

The front windshield is hinged but I might have to lengthen it's adjustment slots (with a moto tool) just a tad so's to get a better fit over the bridge of my nose. While I haven't tried it yet, it seems you could remove the shield and use regular shades, but there's not enough room for both. The shield is not as optically "clear" as it could be (you can see some distortion) but if the helmet is a hit, maybe someone will aftermarket additional shield options.

The straps and retention are standard Garneau, pretty good. The Garneau Spiderlock is really neat on this helmet.

The helmet extends a bit over the ears which should help cut down on wind noise.

I've yet to try the helmet under real world conditions (my TT season has been postponed due to physical injury). I doubt that the lack a full array of vents will be high on your complaint list during a race (and will disappear completely if this gives you a few extra seconds over your PR). The helmet is essentially smooth with lots of surface area to "personalize" your lid.

Time will tell whether Garneau has pioneered a new era in certified specialty helmets, or just another curiosity we'll casually chat about years from now... but I'm gonna try mine for all it's worth in the meantime. Also available in carbon black and carbon red...

Note: I've considered other aeros including the MET Pac IV and Chrono models from Limar and Catlike... but these are purely aero and not CPSC certified, thus rendering them illegal in many USCF sanctioned events.
I have a couple rides in mineRideLots
Apr 17, 2002 12:48 PM
To me, it seems like it sits too high up on my head. However, if I got a larger size, it would be too big around. The ear parts come about half way down the ears - still plenty of wind noise. The eye shield was total unusable - I took it off. I came down right in the middle of my eyes. I'm using sunglasses, including a Take a Look mirror (for non-closed courses).

I've only used it on relatively cool days so far, under 75 degrees. At that temp, venting is no issue.

I feel sort of goofy wearing it, though. That's getting pretty far up there on the poseur scale; but, if you are going to timetrial or practice timetrialing, it makes sense.

There is no way to tell if it reduces drag substantially. Nonetheless, I'm going to take the Cervelo, put on the Prologue, skinsuit, shoe covers, with disc wheel and all, and attempt a downhill speed record on a certain hill outside of town where I've hit 55 on the Colnago. I assume that if the time trial stuff is more aero, I should go substantially faster down the hill. We'll see.
I have a couple rides in mineGreyhound
Apr 17, 2002 2:16 PM
Does anybody know where you can try these on for fit in Northern California?

my garage?RideLots
Apr 17, 2002 3:12 PM
I doubt any LBS has them, yet. Even the big mail order places either don't have them yet or are out of the initial shipments.