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Lazywriter gems! OMFG! Bwahahahahahaa!(2 posts)

Lazywriter gems! OMFG! Bwahahahahahaa!Ahimsa
Apr 16, 2002 6:46 PM
Lazywriter sed:

"Blowjobs are like the modern day hand holding"

This must make walking along the boardwalk difficult.

"I am a Gen Xer and can assure you that this is true of "MOST" people."

Wow. I'm a "Gen Xer" too and I must be woefully out of touch. My wife and I still hold hands at the movies. Guess I'll need to get her a cycling mirror to see the flick now since she'll be facing the other way once we get in step with "most people".

"Don't let your daughters go away to college because it is all the goodie-goodies that wind up being the freaks."

Yep. An education for these potential whores could prove disastrous. Better to keep them ignorant of the wild world and teach 'em to mend socks and bake pies and have babies. They'll be less likely to get exploited by men that way.

"It is 2002 fella, times have changed a long time ago and with role model like Britney Spears out there, it is better for guys because the girls keep getting sluttier."

I can't even begin to top that. Wow.

"As an adult, I feel it is necessary to know what you are getting before marriage."

Bwahahahahahaha! Well let's just say it ain't sex brother!

"Hell, what if you got married and you found that she has a bigger penis than you???"

This is a good analogy for marriage if you take it figuratively.

Buy a skirt now Lazy, cause she'll be wearing the pants with your attitude!

You are a funny guy! Thanks for that!


A. (Bagged more than my fair share of women. Had fun. Fell in love. Got married. Happy. Guess I'm freakishly normal.)
Once again, more hipocrosyLazywriter
Apr 16, 2002 7:32 PM
in that you refer to your sexual exploits as "bagged my fair share of women". You see, my comments were an obvioius joke, meant to be funny with some glimmers of truth about the sexual roles of younger women nowadays. In fact, watch Dateline tomorrow night, they have a whole segment devoted to what teenage girls are doing nowadays. Whay am I arguong this with an idiot like yourself, but there is never a shortage of nice girls showing their boobs at Spring Break. Nothingg wrong with that.
Now, according to what most feminists would say, your vernacular for having sex with women as "bagging" them would be just as offensive as mine. Probably more as mine was an obvious exaggeration and generalization.