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Newbie's 1st Century HELP!?!?(7 posts)

Newbie's 1st Century HELP!?!?garhead
Apr 16, 2002 12:50 PM
I'm 46 male weighing in at 230. Yeah I got big heavy legs to pull my fat gutt for 100 miles in Sante Fe on May 19th. Questions: What can I expect as I plow along with the only goal of finishing & not being beat by some 80 Y/O lady. 8) How do I mentally work through the day. If any of you have done the Santa Fe Century tell me your thoughts.

100mi? just a warm upcyclopathic
Apr 16, 2002 1:29 PM
really people get hung up on those numbers.

if your weekly mileage in 90-130mi range and your longest ride was in 50-70mi range you should not have any problem to finish century.

a few pointers:
- hydrate well
- eat carbs every 2-3hr in small portions (crackers, cookies etc)
- pace yourself
- don't kill legs on climbs
- enjoy the ride

you'll make it even if you walk a couple hills, don't worry
re: Newbie's 1st Century HELP!?!?Me Dot Org
Apr 16, 2002 1:55 PM
If the Century is well-supported, it should have rest stops every 20 miles or so. Don't carry a lot of extra food, they shold have some. Carry a couple of bags of energy gel as a lifeline.

Stop at the stops, but not too long. Don't give your muscles a chance to tighten up.

The previous poster is right: You should be riding 90-130 a week, and if you can do a 50-70 mile ride on the weekend you should be okay.

Santa Fe? Beautiful spot for a Century. Wear sunblock and hydrate! Good luck!
I'll be thereterry b
Apr 16, 2002 2:07 PM
I'm a little bit older than you and weigh about 60 pounds less, so we're approximately in the same boat. My training at the moment is as the other two replies have mentioned - I've been doing 100-150 miles a week with 80-90 between the two weekend days for about the last two months. This Saturday will be my first 70 mile ride of the season(ABQ to San Ysidro, if you live here) and I've also been dedicating two nights a week to going out and climbing - SF Century has some reasonable hills including a short one at 9% grade. I'm planning on doing another 70-80 between now and the 19th.

Aside from the climbing, the wind will be a drainer. I'd figure on being mentally prepared for that drain (like going out and riding in it regularly.)

The only other advice again echoes the others - plan to drink a lot, 10% humidity and 80-90 degrees will fry you quickly.
water & musiccentury2
Apr 17, 2002 2:02 AM
I suggest you do not push yourself; drink lots of water; and I listen to music {many think this is unsafe or rude - but it has been great for me for years and thousands of miles} Have fun
Start really slowlydzrider
Apr 17, 2002 4:37 AM
Try to keep your breathing where it would be for walking during the first half of the ride.
Take short breaks.
Eat b4 you're hungry.
Drink b4 you're thirsty.
Grease your crotch and grease it more if anything starts to heat up.
Find a riding partner that talks about as much as you want to.
Express your gratitude to all the volunteers!
re: Newbie's 1st Century HELP!?!?pmf1
Apr 17, 2002 5:13 AM
A century is not that bad, although I still recall my first one. Broke a spoke on mile 92. Legs were tired when I got done. Since then I've done lots of them and they get easier.

You've got over a month to get ready, so do some long rides on the weekends. On the weekend before, if you can do 70 miles comfortably, you'll be able to do 100 the next weekend.

Make sure your bike is in good condition for the ride. Clean it. Check the tires. Have spare tubes and tools.

Make sure you're well hydrated. This makes a big difference. Most of us don't drink enough water. So in the few days before, make an effort to drink lots of water. Urine should be clear. Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is a good sign.

On the day of the ride, instead of looking down at your computer at mile 12 and saying "Oh God, I've got 88 miles to go", think "Hey, only 13 miles to the first rest stop". It helps to split it into smaller doable sections. Don't stop at the rest stops for very long(10 minutes) and don't pig out. A lot of folks eat too much at the stops. Eat something, but not 14 cookies. If you're prone to muscle soreness, take some ibuprofin along. Sometimes I've gotten a queasy stomach near then end so I always take some Tums along as well. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Ride at a comfortable pace, its not a race.