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Louis Garneau "T-Bone" Helmet?(3 posts)

Louis Garneau "T-Bone" Helmet?PsyDoc
Apr 16, 2002 10:42 AM
Does anyone here ride with one of these helmets? If so, what are you impressions of the helmet as they relate to construction, fit, ventilation, etc. I am in the market for a new helmet and this one caught my eye. I have tried the Giro Neumo, Boreas, and Bell Phi Pro, and none fit too well. I currently ride with a Specialized Sub Zero.
re: Louis Garneau T-Bone Helmet?maricio
Apr 16, 2002 11:26 AM
Last year, I purchased a Louis Garneau helmet nearly identical to the one in the picture you have posted. I tried several helmets in the store, and this one felt the most comfortable. I liked the adjustable strap in the back; it's easy to adjust, and gives the helmet a nice snug feeling. It seemed to have the same function and form as other helmets more than double it's price.

I rode with it last year on long trips in hot weather and the ventilation was quite good.

I'm happy with mine. If you like the fit, I'd go for it.
I wear "Le mask" LG helmet... 230 gram... lighter but similartempeteKerouak
Apr 17, 2002 7:25 AM
It's my second LG helmet and for a real-size, full on head protection, it's very good; excellent vents and adjustability.

Helmets, like shoes, have to fit to YOU.

Giro might be nice, Specialized lighter, other brands will be exotic... None is good if it does not fit eh?

But the LG have a very good/easy adjustment knob at the back. I have nothing against mine! Recommended for sure!