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First new road bike since my 10 speed Sears special(5 posts)

First new road bike since my 10 speed Sears specialTurtle Boy
Apr 15, 2002 9:05 PM
I've got the bug and I want to buy - now. I haven't really had a road bike since back in '84 in college. Got into MT bikes in the early '90s.

First thought was a TREK 1000 as it would get me there and save some bucks. (My wife's gonna freak - we just bought new MT bikes) But then I got looking at a Lemond Nevada City which is a $100 more -- then I thought what the hell -- whats a few hundred more for better componets so .... I'm looking at a TREK 2000 or a Lemond Tourmalet. I'm really leaning to the Lemond - but its steel vs aluminum on the TREK. Any comments on the cybervoid on this aspect.

I'm a big guy at about 6'2 and 205lbs - so I need 60 - 61cm atleast which limits choices. Looking to do some commuting - some club rides - eventually centuries - but no bike camping etc.

Thanks in advance
re: First new road bike since my 10 speed Sears specialSantaCruz
Apr 15, 2002 9:54 PM
I've got a 61cm Marin Vicenza (1999) with Campy Veloce group and triple crankset for sale. Nice Columbus steel frame. Excellent shape. Listed in RBR Classifieds. I'm your size, few pounds lighter.

ps - welcome to the world of road riding! Aside from the nostalgia, bikes are so much better than those from the mid 80's, though I still climb on my '84 Centurion from time to time.
re: do a little researchcentury2
Apr 16, 2002 2:54 AM
My feeling is you should try going to and looking up bikes under their 'bikefinder' funtion. A button on the home page.
I prefer steel; but I am older and ride long distances. If you are younger and ride fast for short rides; you may perfer Aluminum.
Also there are lots of good bikes that are better values than the 2 you mentioned. You can get a New 2002 Ultegra bike for $1100 to $1200 ~ with carbon fork and nice wheels.
good luck
what I just purchased - Ultgera for $1255 w/ Reynolds 853pcwheels
Apr 16, 2002 6:26 AM
I did a lot of looking in Austin ~ and I just bought a Mercier Serpens for $1255 on sale - it has Ultegra and a Reynolds frame and fork. My local shop (cycle360) had it as on sale for this month. So I think you can find lots of good bikes at great prices if you look.
re: First new road bike since my 10 speed Sears specialtotrod
Apr 16, 2002 8:43 AM
I rode a '99 LeMond Tourmalet before upgrading to a nicer LeMond last year. I am really glad I had that bike. Although I had been riding road bikes all my life, there was a relearning curve in terms of handling and fitness. I've ridden lots of aluminum bikes and love them too. Steel, Ti, AL, whatever. Just get a good one and enjoy.