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Okay, I've used someone tell me what I used!(2 posts)

Okay, I've used someone tell me what I used!JBurton
Apr 15, 2002 6:10 PM
I just tore down my mountain bike and put Weigle's Frame Saver in the tubes, per the suggestions of this board and the LBS. I am happy to say that the frame looked to be in surprisingly good shape when I opened it up. Does anyone know what exactly this stuff is and what it does? It came out sort of a clearish amber that was quite a bit runnier than spray paint. Does it harden? Is it like the stuff used on auto bodies that turns rust into a benign rust inhibitor? The directions say to let the solvent evaporate, then put another coat on for greater protection. How much of the stuff is carrier and how much is inhibitor?

The three-semesters-during-college chemistry major in me is just curious.
It contains some fairly nasty carcinogens...Gregory Taylor
Apr 16, 2002 8:55 AM
...if the warning labels on my can of the stuff are any guide.

After you spray it in, the stuff stays fluid for a while before it congeals into a brownish coating. That is why you are supposed to flip the frame around a couple of times while the goop dries -- it will continue to flow in the frame until the solvent evaporates, and the flipping bit keeps it from pooling in one area. It dries pretty thin, so I'd guess that there is a lot of carrier in the mixture.