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recovery weeks(2 posts)

recovery weeksGall
Apr 14, 2002 9:54 AM
i am currently in one of those recovery weeks that are scheduled in the training bible.

problem is... i dont want to rest. the weather is getting pretty darn nice here in PA.

what i planned on was a hard group ride tomorrow and the easy rides for the rest of the week until friday or saturday when i do my TT test.

how do you all do these recovery weeks? any other advice?

re: recovery weeksszybki
Apr 14, 2002 3:37 PM
I feel your pain! I even hate recovery rides when I feel strong, especially when the weather's nice. The recovery week will help you in the long run though. They help prevent injury, keep your mind fresh, etc.
To get through the week. I usually take my bike apart, grease/lube/adjust everything, true wheels (including the backup set), patch tubes, etc. Go to an out of the way LBS and check out the invetory. I also try to spend more time with the old lady during these "down" times too, keeps me out of trouble.