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mmmm...Colnago...(2 posts)

Apr 13, 2002 10:44 PM
at the RftR Expo, Britton's Bikes had some Colnago frames on display...including a built up C45, and 2 C45 frames that were absolutely beautiful. in case you don't know, 'cause i didn't at the time, the C45 is the Ferrari frame, without the Ferrari red scheme. also had a CT1 with a new paint scheme that i can't find on the site. i've never seen a Colnago frame close up, but now that i did, i see what all the rave is about. those things were works of art compared to the Treks i saw. in the back of the booth, totally hidden from view, was a CF2.
found the frames...dustin73
Apr 13, 2002 11:23 PM
the CT1 - RXBlue frame:

apparently i was wrong and the C45 is not the same as the Carbonissimo? anywho, here's one of the Carbonissimo frames they had. best looking frame at that booth:

also there was a GEO C40. i didn't think too much of it till someone opened a door and i was able to see the carbon weave in the headtube. dang...i need to get around 1500-2000$ frames more often.