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Dumped gas all over my Gore Windstopper jacket(6 posts)

Dumped gas all over my Gore Windstopper jacketspeedisgood
Apr 13, 2002 8:36 AM
Doh! I musta taken an extra-strength stoopid pill this morning. First, I go to a race without a towel and no clean shirt for the drive home. Oh yeah, it was raining heavily the whole AM.

Then on the way home, I get gas for the car and spray gas all over my Windstopper jacket. Nice job. So I'm trying to wash out the stench but it doesn't seem to be coming out with laundry detergent. Thinking baking soda might help. Any other suggestions?
re: Dumped gas all over my Gore Windstopper jacketgtx
Apr 13, 2002 9:59 AM
yuck. You might try soaking it on a Simple Green solution for a while. Good luck.
re: Dumped gas all over my Gore Windstopper jacketcurlybike
Apr 13, 2002 11:01 AM
Unles the label sez otherwise, put it in the machine with detergent and hot water. Close all velcr fasteners to prevent snags.
Apr 13, 2002 2:59 PM
GoreTex (according to the label) is to be washed with powdered detergent in cold water. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Apr 13, 2002 4:48 PM
The one I had said, Hot. That is why I told him to read the label. Multiple washings should do the deed. Thanks for taking the time to help so many with your experience. I have been trying to help you, but the subjects seem to run in big circles. About the time something scrolls off, there it is again, huh.
GoreTex: 1-800-431-GOREcoonass
Apr 14, 2002 5:48 AM