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Anyone want to trade frames?(4 posts)

Anyone want to trade frames?CrazyMan
Apr 11, 2002 5:20 PM
Don't flame me, please, for posting here. I don't want to make any money off this. My bike simply doesn't fit right and I'm looking to swap.
I've got a large Giant TCR 0 frame with 45km on it.
Looking for a slightly larger bike.
Prefer 61-63cm seat tube with a 57-59cm top tube (yes, i have LOOOOOONNNGGGG legs).
Anyone wanna trade? I'll pay a bit extra if your frame is better than mine. Thanks.
Interested in a Huffy Windsprint 12 Speed?RadicalRonPruitt
Apr 11, 2002 5:42 PM
some advicetarwheel
Apr 12, 2002 4:05 AM
I think your best option might be to start search the ads for bike frames at eBay and this web site. Pick out some brands you are interested in, make sure you know your proper size, and start searching. If you haven't had a professional fitting done, it is money well spent -- as your experience with the Giant indicates. Lots of us have been through the same issue before -- which is why it's easy to find nice, used frames on eBay and other sites. You'll be surprised at some of the deals you can find if you're patient and know what you're looking for.

After you find a new frame, get a LBS to swap the components and then sell your Giant frame on eBay. Or, you might even find a great deal on a wholly equipped used bike and then you sell your Giant that way. I've seen very nice entire bikes with Ultegra or better equipment sell for $700-1,200 on eBay, and nice frames often sell for $250-500. Good luck.
re: Anyone want to trade frames?weiwentg
Apr 12, 2002 5:27 AM
post an ad on the newsgroup rec.bicycles.marketplace