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How many lives do you have left?(22 posts)

How many lives do you have left?Slipstream
Apr 11, 2002 4:21 AM
Elefentino's new license SVN LFT & JS5280's recent post makes me realize there are a lot pretty amazing cyclists out there. What has set you back and how did you overcome it?
re: How many lives do you have left?netso
Apr 11, 2002 5:18 AM
I had just won my class in the Mr. America over 40, feeling really good. Was riding my bike @ 6:30 am on a bike path.
Was hit by a hit-run driver. Dislocation of shoulder, break of clavicle, head injury, concussion, ruined bike.
I lay on the side of the road over 1/2 hr. I thought I was going to die. Was in the hospital a while. Ruined my life and career. I owned a health club-sold it. Went through tremendous depression. But, I got a new bike and forced myself to ride. It made me a better person for all the travail, and I enjoy every day!
netso, you da man.weiwentg
Apr 11, 2002 9:18 AM
that is very impressive. i';ve got half a mind to print your post up and hang it oon the wall. but i don't have a printer...
btw, i also took up bodybuilding at one point. without it, i would be 115 instead of 120.
netso, you da man.netso
Apr 11, 2002 9:36 AM
Working out for health is great, Bodybuilding as a World Class athlete sucks!
What I would like to say is that there are a lot of insensitive drivers of vehicles out there. What I was yelled at "you do not belong on the road I paid taxes to build". How stupid!
Not as good as Netso'sMcAndrus
Apr 11, 2002 7:02 AM
I hit a car once back in the 70s - before helmets. I was riding on a city street doing about 18 mph, scooting along the left side of a line of parked cars. There was traffic in the lane so I was trying to stay right.

I normally watch the driver seats in this situation but I took my eyes off of one car. There was a driver and he opened his door.

In the moment that lasted a lifetime, the front wheel hit his opened door and I went over his door onto the pavement. I hit the top-right of my head first, then my right shoulder. I ended up with a mild concussion, some nasty road rash, and a very sore shoulder. I'm still convinced that hitting my head first saved me from a broken collarbone. It pays to have a hard head.

The driver was very apologetic and paid to have my bike fixed. I got the bike back from the shop a week later and started riding again. Get back on the horse, they say.
Not as good as Netso'snetso
Apr 11, 2002 7:11 AM
I did not have a helmet then either, I wear one ALL THE TIME NOW!
I'm not sure.Len J
Apr 11, 2002 7:36 AM
Dodged so many "bullets" growing up.

1.) Drunk, thrown out of car at 19 after car hits tree at 60MPH, best friend killed, I had a few bruises.

2.) Age 15, Stabbed in abdomen, misses all internal organs, few stitches, back to normal.

3.) See my biking rant from 9/17

This is a Rant.
I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland, lots of water, lots of nice biking roads, lots of flats and lots of tourists.

Saturday, I'm out early for a ride. Beautiful day, feeling good for the first time all week. About 45 miles into the ride, on a road with a full lane shoulder, I see a cyclist on a mountain bike about 200 yds ahead of me, riding on the way inside of the shoulder. The odd thing about her is that she is wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up. I'm doing between 19 & 20mph and she's doing about 10 so I catch up to her pretty quickly. Since she's on the inside of the lane, I yell bike left and proceed to pass her. when I get to a point about where my headtube is even with her seattube, she decides to move out closer to traffic, and broadsides me suddenly. I have no choice but to cross the line into traffic as I fight for control of my bike.. At that moment a car is overtaking us at around 45 mph. Timing being perfect he hits me dead on my back wheel and propels me forward. Believe it or not (I guess because of the angle he hit me) I am still upright & fighting for control, the only difference is that now my speed has doubled. The road begins to bear left, & I shoot across the shoulder, & start to go down an embankment. I end up doing a Jan Ulrick endo as I go down the hill and end up flat on my back in a small creek.

After a few minutes of stunned assesment of my body, I discover that nothing is broken & I think I'm OK. I find my bike and it looks OK also (other than scratches). I start to climb back up the embankment. I hear this tirade from above. I look up to see this tourist, hood still on, no helmet & she has headphones on (no wonder she didn't hear me yell bike left), and she is screaming at me for being a "reckless maniac". She almost kills me & I'm the reckless maniac, go figure.

It turns out that the guy who hit me is a cyclist (thats the good news) and right behind him was a state cop (I think this is good news also) who saw the whole thing. The cyclist driver goes out of his way to let me know that he couldn't believe that I didn't go down in front of his car. The whole thing happened so fast that he never got to the brakes before he hit me.

After about 30 minutes of getting individual statements from each of us the cop comes back to me to tell me that he is giving me a ticket for what amounts to reckless driving. I'm ready to go nuts.
"What about her?"
"I didn't see her do anything wrong, I only saw you recklessly swerve into traffic."
"What about riding without a helmet & with headphones on?"
"None of that is illegal."

So now I have to go to court to fight this stupid ticket. I suppose that I should be grateful that I wasn't hurt (other than a few bruises, I am stiff this morning), but I can't believe that this idiot went home (with help from the local PD) thinking that she did nothing wrong.

Ah sweet justice. It is blind!

end of Rant


Ended up beating the ticket & got a new riding buddy.

God's been good to me!

Reckless Driving? Maybe 5 left for you...;>)Slipstream
Apr 11, 2002 7:52 AM
I always thought state cops had a bit more brain matter; guess you proved me wrong. How could he have even thought for a second that you would purposely swerve into traffic? He must have been concentrating on the action taking place under the sweatshirt and had a cramp somewhere.

I'm surprised he even bothered to appear in court. Betcha' the judge thought he was pretty stupid for issuing the ticket. I would liked to have been there just to see the expression on the judge's face when you explained what happened.

Glad everything turned out for you, plus a bonus buddy!!!
Reckless Driving? Maybe 5 left for you...;>)Len J
Apr 11, 2002 9:19 AM
Cop was driving along, & all he saw was me swerve out in front of the guy in front of him (The guy who hit me). He did come to court, he was just doing his job. Ended up we caught the lady with the headphones lying, which allowed the judge to dismiss. Kucky part was that I didn't end up under the car.

6 left.slow-ron
Apr 11, 2002 7:48 AM
Started when I was a kid with my Evil Kenevil replica bike. I tried to go down some steps with a 90 deg. turn at the bottom. As you may guess, I didn't make the turn. Full face plant, knocked out cold, lost front teeth, still have scars on my face from all the stitches.

Bad accident on my mountain bike two years ago while riding alone. Didn't hit my head but I had to ride back with a cracked radial head on my right arm. Basically broke off my elbow. Lot's of blood, giant scar, extreme pain. Couldn't wait to heal so I tried riding with a cast. I looked like an imbecile and crashed again.

Two Saturday's ago I bounced off the windshield of a car going about 30mph while making an illegal turn (the car made the illegal turn, not me). Not a single broken bone. Road rash on the entire left side of my body. I rode last night for the first time since the accident. Lot's of sweat, lot's of pain, not very far. Great ride.
re: How many lives do you have left?PaulCL
Apr 11, 2002 7:50 AM
Hit a dog at 40mph screaming down a hill. Slid across the road and landed in the middle of oncoming traffic. With luck there were no cars coming - hey, its' a country road at 7am on a Sunday. My buddy is gone - no idea I've wrecked. Total strangers, an older couple, stop to help. They drag me off the road and call the ambulance. My buddy shows up after I didn't show up at the bottom of the hill - he's been getting sh*t for years on that one. I have no idea who that couple was and my biggest regret is never being able to thank them.

I coulda broken my neck (endo at 40mph HURTS!), gotten run over by a car coming the other way, or laid in the middle of the street for an hour before help came. Only $400 damage to the bike, 8 weeks off riding, 10 days of really bad pain. Years of worry by the wife every time I get on the bike.

I've got eight lives left. And I plan to hold right there. Paul
re: How many lives do you have left?merckx56
Apr 11, 2002 10:56 AM
I was in a wreck in high school where i t-boned a guy who ran a stop sign. this was in rural PA. the road was a divided two lane with the entering crossroads only having stop signs. i hit him at 52mph, or so they tell me, and totalled a chevy blazer. dislocated knee, broken orbital ridge, cheekbone, nose, 17 stitches to hold eyelid on and severe bruising on face, chest and legs from dash and seatbelt. did i mention this was the day after i got my braces off? first thing i did was check my teeth! i was "treated and released" after about 6 hours in hospital.
other guy was much worse off, but when you're drunk at 8:30 in the morning, you get what you deserve! i figure that was worth at least 2 lives. someone was watching out for me that day!
8, I guessCRM
Apr 11, 2002 11:30 AM
Mountain biking down a VERY steep, rocky descent. Front wheel catches on a protruding rock, stopping the wheel and throwing me forward in what seemed like slow-motion.

As I'm vaulting over the handlebars, I reach out and hook my left arm on a small tree on the side of the trail. I threw my legs over the front of the bike and landed on my feet, wheeled around and caught my bike by the back wheel as it tumbled forward.

Definitely burned a life there. Thankful that I had two friends behind me to witness the whole thing and testify to the truthfulness of the story!

(actually, it doesn't seem so bad after reading the other posts here!)
5 or 6Straightblock
Apr 11, 2002 12:14 PM
I burned the first 3 in bike accidents.

When I was in college about 25 years ago, I was hit broadside on my bike by a businessman in a hurry pulling out of his store's driveway. When he stopped my bike and the lower half of my body were under the front of his car. If he'd stopped a few feet later I would have been seriously hurt or killed. No helmets in those days, and I was lucky to walk away with a totaled dept store 10 speed, a few scrapes and strained muscles. With the insurance money from that one I bought my first "real" road bike, an ItalVega with Campy, Ofmega and tubulars, and took up racing.

A few years later in a Cat 1/2/Pro race, the rider directly in front of me went down on a 40-45mph downhill. I don't know what happened next, but I woke up sitting in the middle of the road. The first guy looked like he'd gone thru a shredder, another rider was down with a broken collarbone, and I had a concussion, took about 8 stitches in my head, and had a lot of abrasions. The next year Bell Helmets came out with the Bell Biker. I got one in a promotional giveaway at the Davis Criterium, and never wore a leather hairnet again.

Two years ago, I was cruising home at an easy pace on a local MUT, and was hit head-on by a kid on a BMX bike who came around a blind curve on the wrong side of the path. The impact snapped my headtube off, and I did a full faceplant on the asphalt. My helmet was crushed in front, my face was shredded (I could count at least 60 visible stitches), my thumb was broken and a front tooth broken. Ironic that an 8-year old kid on a bike path did more damage to me and my bike than all the years and thousands of miles of serious training and over 200 USCF races could do.

Minor incidents and near-misses (near-hits?) probably bring my remaining lives closer to 5, or about half of my original allotment. I hope at age 46 I still have about half of my years remaining, so I'm going to try to take good care of the lives I have left.
re: How many lives do you have left?BikeViking
Apr 11, 2002 12:19 PM
I have NOTHING to add because any of my wrecks (I've had a few) pale in comparison to all of yours.

I only hope I have the strength you all had, should something like that happen to me.


about 6Krypton
Apr 11, 2002 12:27 PM
Was riding back home, a small minivan passed me. He had on the side a big mirror that you put on if you tow something big. the mirror hit me hard from behind, fell face first on the ground. I was out faor maybe a minute, the van never stopped. The bike was ok, so was I....mostly. I had no more skin on my arm and shoulders. And my face was bruised.

One other time, I was mountain biking and I knew the trail well (i was at the same place 4 days before) Well they had bulldoze a turn and did a straight line instead. This was a very steep section. it rained the night before and the new section was slippery. There was also a severe right turn a the end of the sreep section that was about 200meters longs. I tried to slw down for the turn but I could not stop. I finally stopped with the front wheel about an inch from the cliff. It was about a 75 feet cliff with rocks all the way down. Thanked god that I stopped just in time. 3 days later they put a fence and a sign to slow down.

And last, I was goaltending (I'm a goaltender in an ice hockey league). One of the guys in the other team who has a powerfull snapshot hit me right in the mask with a bullet. I dropped to the ice, was shaken a bit. When I took off my mask, the steel bars where bent (and this is a very good mask, top quality, but it was was maybe a bit old) at eye level. I'm glad the puck did not go through...
re: How many lives do you have left?TPC
Apr 11, 2002 12:29 PM
8 years ago in college, i was sprinting home from class at night (20+ mph). on a residential road, a driver speeding (25+ mph) from the other direction makes a left turn in front of me--cutting the corner, and without his turn signal. I smack right into him, practically head on since he was cutting the corner. net impact something like hitting a wall at 45 mph.

Fortunately for me, i hit somewhere near his front tire and fly over his hood, tumble several times on the other side (thank you judo for teaching me how to fall!), and only end up with a bruised left hand (my hand demolished his outside rear view mirror as i was flying over his hood), and some bumps and scrapes. If i was a few feet ahead, he would have hit me in the legs, and if i was a foot behind i would have hit windshield and probably wouldn't be here today.

Unfortunately for my bike, it was demolished. The frame buckled like a pretzel. And, when 911 showed up, the cop said it was MY fault because i was riding without a headlight. So not only was i out my $1000 stumpjumper, but i was also liable for damages to his car. At least the driver was decent and realizing that he could have killed me, decided not to make me pay for damages (he had an old beater car anyway).
re: Im not a cat....jrm
Apr 11, 2002 1:47 PM
Only one...
hepcat, coolcat, polecatSlipstream
Apr 12, 2002 5:33 AM
I guess no one's going to call you a pussy! ;>) sorry, couldn't resist.
re: How many lives do you have left?mbologna
Apr 11, 2002 7:04 PM
Mine is not a bicycle accident, but a running one.

It happened in Lafayette, LA. I was 20 years old and running at about 9:00pm, almost home at the end of a 7 mile run. I was crossing a street in a pretty hard sprint when a guy on a motorcycle ran the light at about 45mph. I jumped left and he swerved the same way. He hit me, I went over him, got burned on the exhaust pipe, then thrown back over him into traffic (I was at the intersection of two 4-lane roads).

The only thing I remember is being hit (it felt like being tackled), then waking up in the street. A guy came up and asked if the car hit me. When I replied 'what car?' he pointed to the car six feet from my head. I had been thrown/slid almost 40 feet and was now in oncoming traffic.

Luckily, this actually happened within sight of a hospital. Ambulance came and drove me the two blocks. I had a ton of cuts, bruises and burns, and little skin left on one arm. I still can't believe it 12 years later, but no major injuries, and no broken bones. In fact, they cleaned me up and sent me home the next morning in the care of my girlfriend's mom, who was a nurse. For years, I kept the shirt with an actual tire tread on it as a reminder (When you're that age, you think it's a badge of honor. Now, I realize how lucky/blessed I was.).

I guess that was good for a couple of lives that night alone.
One less the other daymuncher
Apr 12, 2002 6:04 AM
Sitting in a friend's kitchen, helping him peel fruit for a salad- yes really!

He is in a temp unfurnished rent, so I was sitting on a moulded plastic garden chair, skinning apples with his old army commando bayonet - 8" slender double-sided blade, very sharp.

The chair shattered beneath me with no warning whatsoever (turned out it had been in the yard for years and the UV had got at it) and I went down full on the knife.

Someone was looking after me that night - got away with a modest cut to my hand and no other damage - anything could have happened with that blade.

Things like that make you stop and think a while...

Went head first into a brick wall on a bike when I was about 6 - very messy, and came off a motorbike on a bend into the oncoming lane - into a gap in the traffic - so I suppose I am down to 6, possibly less.
Apr 12, 2002 6:34 AM
burned half a life in the 1st crash of the season - escaped with road rash and bruises.
just burned one more with the collarbone.
i think i will have to move up to the Bs soon :/