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cycling around Wright-Patterson AF Base, OHIO(5 posts)

cycling around Wright-Patterson AF Base, OHIOSlick21
Apr 10, 2002 8:45 PM
I live in LA. I may be going to Wright-Patterson AF Base during the end of June to mid July as a PDT, basically like a internship, for AF ROTC. I'm wondering how the road and mountain cycling conditions around there? I will be living on base or close to the base. Will I have to drive out to a riding? How is the weather? How the traffic?

Any cyclist on there base reading this post?

re: cycling around Wright-Patterson AF Base, OHIOspeedisgood
Apr 11, 2002 3:54 AM
Isn't that close to Cleveland? For some reason it seems familiar to me. If it is, I can hook you up with some local knowledge.

re: cycling around Wright-Patterson AF Base, OHIOxxl
Apr 11, 2002 4:46 AM
You are in luck. There are some excellent road rides around the base, as well as a very nice RTR path system just to east. Go to for info on this, and there are a couple of cycling clubs in the Dayton/Springfield area that should be able to hook you up with more.

If you like to cruise flats, you'll like it, but to get elevated, you may have to ride a bit south.

Without knowing exactly where you'll live and what traffic you're comfortable with, it's hard to say if you'll have to drive to a road ride. If you do drive, it won't be far. As to the mountain side of things, I'm not big into it, so I don't know a lot of rides. If you are up for it, there is some top-notch mountain riding in the SE Ohio area.

The weather is going to be hot and humid, stickier than a toddler's hands, with prevailing winds out of the west.
Dayton, OhioPaulCL
Apr 11, 2002 6:08 AM
Try this page:

There are several posters on this board who are members of that club. Check it out.

As for previous posts: There are no mountains around this area (I live 60 miles south near Cincinnati), but lots of steep hills of 1 - 2 miles. The summer weather is beyond miserable. Often in the 90's with >80% humidity. In other words, you'll break into a sweat just by walking out the front door.

Personally, I get up real early and ride. During the summer, I'm usually on the bike by 6 a.m. and home before noon.

If you are a racer, check out QCW.ORG for Cincinnati racing and links to the Columbus, Ohio racing scene. There is an large club in Columbus that sponsers a lot of racing - the name escapes me right now (just got back from a dawn 30 miler, so the synapses haven't reconnected yet). Paul
re: cycling around Wright-Patterson AF Base, OHIOAkirasho
Apr 11, 2002 9:55 AM
... you'll find excellent cycling in the area...

On base, you'll have at least a ten mile circuit (albeit flat) of low traffic roads (it's the same course for the base Blue Streak TT series (which has been postponed due to heightened base security)) around the flight line (generally, windy from the SW).

Off base, you'll have access to great roads and an extensive multi system (which can be used to access even more routes).

On the MTB front, there are plans underway for accessing local reserves (Englewood), but the well established trails are a few miles away at Hueston Woods and Ceasar's Creek Reserves (approximately 40 and 25 miles respectively).

Away from the chokepoints on the multi system, the trails are fairly safe and convenient for high speed transits (most are built on abandoned rail right of ways). Many trails follow water level routes... which means that exiting the trail system can give you some fairly nice climbs out of the river valleys. The multi system is extensive

Terrain can go from flat, to rolling to hilly within a few miles (depending on the direction you take)... No real "mountains" but you can find "challenges".

The DCC lists daily rides based on area, average speeds and distance... or you can strike out on your own.

While it's a drive (about 100 miles) there is a velodrome in Indy (Major Taylor). I'll be doing the NITE ride.

If you're still here in 2003, there should be some excellent events that transcend two venues... Celebrating the 100th anniversary of powered flight... invented by to bicycle makers...

Several good shops in the area...


Don't forget to take in a little of the history of the area while you're here.,_ohio.htm

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