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Merlin Agilis(8 posts)

Merlin Agilistatum07
Apr 10, 2002 7:44 PM
I looking to switch from ALU to CF or ti. I've been looking at the Merlin Agilis, which is compact ti frame. Anyone with experience with compact frames?
Also, anyone have experience with Look frames?
re: This is what Tom Kellogg to say about compactcyclopathic
Apr 10, 2002 7:55 PM

He had designed many Merlins, and Merlin/LS makes Spectrum frames still
i have one that i dearly love...agilis ti
Apr 11, 2002 3:00 AM
i find it to be everything i like in a bike fit, stiff, supple light w/o being twitchy good acceleration on sprints and smooth climber. have been a bike consumer and seller many times but have never thought of parting with this bike since i bought it.
i have one that i dearly love...tatum07
Apr 11, 2002 9:33 PM
really appreciate the feedback. I propobably won't buy for another 3 - 4 months (want to take my time).
re: Merlin Agilispa rider
Apr 11, 2002 5:47 AM
My buddy got a closeout on ebay for look kg281. One inch headset and size 55cm. He got 25cm seatpost, stem, headset fork, and frame for $850. The carbon rides smooth and takes all the road vibration out.

His seatpost was also carbon. I'm looking at buying merlin or seven if I buy a Ti bike. I e-mailed spectrum with some questions, but didn't get any response. They're only 2 hours from Harrisburg, PA.

I'm test riding a seven next weekend (AXIOM 58 cm with record drivetrain) down at Bean's bikes Paoli PA. My one buddy, who has a merlin, wants to go with me. Two of us are going to try the bike out (My other friend John wants a TI bike as well), but the other guy rabbit wants to critize the welds. He's hung up on this double butted kick and I think he BS me some of his understanding of the companies craftmenship.

ExCEL sports has some closeouts on LOOK at site. I'm not buying until end of July. I'm not ruling out carbon. Ti will last longer, but I usually don't keep a road bike longer than 5 years before I buy a new one.

Depends on how much you want to spend. Spectrums are $2700 Ti frame, headset, and fork. Seven are $2000 for low end model and $2600 for Axiom. I was quoted $1900 for merlin Agilis frame.

Hope this helps
re: Merlin AgilisJekyll
Apr 11, 2002 9:15 AM
Just saw '02 Agilis with Reynolds Ouzo Pro Carbon Fork for $1,850.00 @ - tempting to say the least. They were closing out '01's with the same fork for around $1400 a few weeks ago - kicking myself on that one....
re: Merlin Agilistatum07
Apr 11, 2002 9:30 PM
Hey, thanks. Let me know what you think of thr Merlin afer the test ride.

I agree, ti would last longer than cf (from what I hear). But in reality, I always get the itch for a new bike every three years or so.
re: Merlin Agilispa rider
Apr 12, 2002 2:29 AM
I'm test riding the Merlin saturday. I'll go with a carbon seatpost to damper the ride for the next bike I buy. I'm hoping the Ti bikes rides is what I'm looking for in quicknest and cornering.

I did the fit kit lastnight and my seat angle been wrong for years. I need the 72.5 which makes the 61cm fit me. My only problem is the headtube length. I need 10 inches, but my LBS thinks that spaces and an angle stem should get me where I need. I think he trying to keep me from getting a custom, because the only difference would be a a larger headtube. I need a 3 inch extension headtube, which seven says they'll do for their bikes at no cost.

I think I can throw out the carbon bike option because of the long headtube I need.

I'll leave you next week what I think about the Merlin Bike.