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buying on ebay(2 posts)

buying on ebayslacker
Apr 10, 2002 10:52 AM
Am considering buying a used XC trail bike on ebay. Don't know anyone who has done this (remarkably, since it seems to be very popular if the traffic at that site is any indication). What sort of experiences have people had? It seems that one might stand to save hundreds, is it worth it? Or do you tend to get what you pay for?
Know the product your bidding on.Scot_Gore
Apr 10, 2002 11:53 AM
I'm no e-bay veteran, but I've bought a few things via that route. I think the secret to satifiying e-bay experience is to have a good understanding of anything you bid for.

-Know what it costs new.
-Know what the same or similar items have gone for in the past.
-Understand wear and tear issues of the item. For example, on a road bike if the item says 500 miles I would understand that most of the economic life is still left. But if I saw ski boat, 500 hours on engine, I wouldn't be able to judge.

Also, on E-bay:
-Read the listing, understand payment methods, reserves, buy it now options, shipping options, whatever.....
-Pay attention to the sellers rating - including lack of one.
-E-mail specific questions to the seller. The timing and quality of the resonse will give you an indication of what a final transaction might be like.

Some E-bay users can get caught up in the action and bid things up retail or close to it. If you understand what you bidding on you'll know when to walk away and let the frenzy continue with someone elses money.

my 2 cents.