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Buying cycling shoes in the UK(2 posts)

Buying cycling shoes in the UKMe Dot Org
Apr 10, 2002 9:51 AM
You can get a significant price break buying cycling shoes in the U.K.

I currently wear Sidi Dynamics (the basic 2 velcro strap model). I'm looking at either Sidi Energy or Genius 4.

First of all, is Sidi sizing constant throughout their range? If I'm a 43 in a Sidi Dynamic, will I be a 43 in a Sidi Energy?

Are Energys worth the extra $$$ compared to Genius 4, or is it overkill?
re: Buying cycling shoes in the UKAkirasho
Apr 10, 2002 12:26 PM
... can only give indirect response.

Yep, you can save by buying from the UK right now.

In my experience, sizing has been consistent (currently, I've got 2 pair of D2s, 1 pair of G3s and 1 pair of G4s... all the same size).

The Energy is an intriguing idea, but it's probably mostly hype... For the vast majority of us, having "tunable" stiffness wouldn't be that big a deal (you could go with a custom maker if you were that serious... or that good). True, I've never used the Energy... but I've been quite happy with the G3s and G4s... besides, I'd hate to get "suckered" into an even "better" pair of gunboats... OTOH, like you said, you could probably get a pair of Energys from the UK at a very attractive price ($130 USD)... let me know how you like 'em...

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