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bike maintenance intervals(3 posts)

bike maintenance intervalstarwheel
Apr 10, 2002 5:33 AM
My new bike is nearing 5,000 miles since I got it last June, and I'm wondering what (if any) maintenance I should have done. I clean and lube the chain regularly and change tires as needed, but don't handle any mechanical stuff. The bike has a complete Chorus 10 group (2001) with the original chain, which was checked for stretch at about 3600 miles and still had plenty of wear at that time.
-- Should I go ahead and replace the chain or wait until the chain gauge shows it needs changing?
-- Do the hubs need repacking or are they sealed bearings that don't need maintenance?
-- What about the bottom bracket?
-- Should I replace the Velox rim strips or do they pretty much last indefinitely?
-- How often do cables need replacing?
As you can tell from my questions, I am not too mechanically inclined. I would have the work done at my LBS, but I'm just not sure what needs work at this point.
the answer most people would cringe at...SteveO
Apr 10, 2002 7:45 AM
I typically service when things start making noise, or are noticabely slower; not before. mileage alone is tough; 5000 miles in the rain or salt is far difft from 5000 miles during sunny days.

You probably should check the hubs for packing. BB perhaps if youve done a lot of foul-weather riding.

As far as the chain? nah... just carry a spare link in 'case'.

Cables should be lubed occasionally, they'll last indefinately if you do.
maintenance karmaKerry
Apr 10, 2002 5:06 PM
One reason for maintenance that many overlook is to keep things from siezing up so that when you need to do maintenance, you can. IOW, there's no reason to take apart, clean, and grease threads on a cable clamp, except that when you need to replace the cable and the bolt is rusted in place . . . I tear my bikes down to the frame every year and clean and lube any part that will come apart. This includes the BB, even though I have a cartridge BB. I just did this for a friend who hadn't touched his BB in 4 years, and we had to go to heroic lengths to get the darn thing apart. Chains tend to elongate rapidly toward the end of their lives, so don't get to thinking that zero wear at 3500 means you don't have to check again until 7000. Don't replace a chain until it has reached the elongation point (Campy recommendation = 0.5%). Cables fail more often at the end than in the casing, but if they get kinked or if your shifting deteriorates rapidly, replace them. I find that every 4 years works pretty well, but some people feel they should be replaced annually. Bearing devices (hubs, BB, pedals) should be cleaned and re-lubed annually, though only the anal retentive do this for sealed bearings. For sealed units, replace when the friction gets high or you feel them grinding. The one thing I seldom replace is Velox rim strips. They last for years.