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Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?(5 posts)

Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?ADKBiker
Apr 10, 2002 4:22 AM
I found two Lemond Zurichs in two different shops. One is a new 2001 and the other is a new 2002. The 2001 is not at a local shop but the 2002 is. The 2001 is Yellow/Blue with Rolf Vector Comp wheels and the brake cable guides are on the neck of the frame and I heard that this prevents the cables from rubbing on the frame, taking off the paint. They say that the frame is exactly the same as the 2002. Is this true? The 2002 comes in Silver/Blue with Bontrager Race lite wheels. The brake cable guides are on the down tube.

Ok now the prices on the bikes. The 2001 is going for $1650 and the 2002 is going for $1775 a $125 difference. Which one should I go with? Which do you think is a better deal? OR does anyone know of a better bike with 853 Reynolds steel and full Ultergra for about $1600? If any one can help. Thanks!!!
re: Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?PegLeg
Apr 10, 2002 5:33 AM
I would go with the '01 myself because I like the color better. I really don't care for the new Silver/Blue color.

There may be a few minor differences such as the brake cable guides but basically the two are the same. Biggest difference is the wheels.

You won't go wrong with either one.
re: Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?SingleThreaded
Apr 10, 2002 6:53 AM
I wrestled with the same questions back in October, except my prices were $125 higher. I ended up going with the 2002 and after about 1000 miles still love it. I do prefer the subdued but classic 2002 colors over the NASCAR yellow and blue.

Here's some information worth considering. The 2002 goes with an oversized stem and bar. If you are considering putting clip-on aero bars on you may have a problem with some models. The rattling Ultegra shifters may be a problem on the older 2001, they aren't on the 2002. The Bontrager wheels on the 2002 have held up well under my 235-245lb weight; very, very limited bend at 1K. My rear Continental GP 3000 tire wore out really quick 500-700 miles (retired it at 800). I replaced the GP with a Specialized Armadillo Lite. Since then my computer says my bikes is faster.

No remorse whatsover with the 2002 Zurich. However, given more time I would test ride a cheaper Jamis which I have heard others recommend, but that I have never seen. Also I would try the Lemond Buenos Aires to see if I could discern much of a down grade for the $300-400 price difference.
re: Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?totrod
Apr 10, 2002 7:40 AM
I ride a 2001 Maillot Jaune, same frame as the Zurich. When I upgraded from a 1999 Tourmalet, the biggest difference in the feel of the bike was the wheels. The Rolfs on the '01 LeMonds are excellent, and the Bontragers are a similar design. I might be inclined to buy based on which wheelset worked better for me.

Hope that helps a little
re: Which Lemond Zurich should I go with?CrowLegs
Apr 10, 2002 9:09 AM
I have a 2001 Nevada City. I don't like the cable stops on the headtube. I have broken two adjusters from loading the bike into the car. It seems like a precarious position for the adjusters. Fortunately, I haven't broken the abtual stops off (yet).

Maybe I'm just clumsy, but I like the 2002 design a little better.