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Minivan Bike Rack Choices(5 posts)

Minivan Bike Rack ChoicesScot_Gore
Apr 9, 2002 7:24 PM
I currently have two compact cars, but with the advent of a small child in our lives my wife and I have made the inevitable decision to get a Minivan. So, today I ordered a 2002 Pontiac Montana.

I currently have a Yakima roof rack with two lockjaws and one anklebiter. I like rack solutions that don't require me to pull wheels, but will consider options.

A couple of questions for van owners or others with opinions.

1) Is keeping a roof rack on a minivan a practical solution?
Or is the height problematic for easy ins and outs.

2) I checked Yakima's site and saw the hitch mount that uses the bars. Is it possible to use my current roof rack bike mounts on the hitch bars or is the fork mounts shown on the Yakima site the only bike mount solution for the hitch mounted bars.

Thanks in advance

I dealt with this recently...biknben
Apr 10, 2002 4:47 AM
I recently got a new car. Not a minivan but I considered putting on a hitch so I could carry the bikes on the back.

I've been a long time Thule roof rack user. I looked at the options for hitch racks. Like you, I wanted something that wouldn't require me to take the wheels off. I looked at thule and some other brand. Sorry, never cared for Yakima.

The story ends when I realized it would cost me $140 for the hitch and another $300+ for the rack. I wanted the type of rack that your bike stands up in rather than hangs from. Couldn't justify that expense when I could just get a new $40 fit kit for the roof racks I already had.

I've grown tired of the roof rack idea. Kills the look of my car (VW Golf). Lowers my gas mileage. My friend destroyed his bike pulling into his garage last year. No longer feel the need to be recognized as the "bike" guy. And a few other reasons. For me, it came down to cash.
so what was the outcome??SteveO
Apr 10, 2002 8:34 AM
are you current using the thule roofs, or simply putting the bike in the car?

I ask, simply because so many people dont understand just how easily a bike fits into a car. We EASILY fit two bikes in my camry. It may not be the MOST practical for ALL people, but then again, the same can be said for racks.
re: Minivan Bike Rack ChoicesMikeC
Apr 10, 2002 5:04 AM
My wife's minivan has a Yakima roof rack system with a pair of Boas on it (and canoe pads). When we use that car, my bike goes up there, as it's light enough to lift easily. If necessary, her bike goes on top, too. We also have a Thule Easy Rider 3-bike trunk-mount carrier that fits on the hatch. That handles the kids' bikes, or if it's just the two of us, hers rides the back while mine's on top. Togetherness is fine with people, but I prefer to keep our bikes apart.
Take the back seat out and put a rack inside.MB1
Apr 10, 2002 5:47 AM
We took our bikes including the tandem to the dealer before we bought our Chevy Venture minivan-I believe the Chevy and Pontiac are actually the came van with different trim. They all fit fine.

I built a small rack out of a 1X8 and some fork mounts that just rests in the back for singles. For the tandem I built a box that fits between the middle seats that will accept the rear wheel of the tandem, holds it so well I don't even have to tie it down. For a bonus the tandem fits without removing the front wheel.

If we ever want to use the rear seats the bike holders just come right out. It is so nice to not have the bikes exposed to the weather and to not have to worry about theft or running into something.