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Can you spot the Serotta?(13 posts)

Can you spot the Serotta?Elefantino
Apr 9, 2002 2:46 PM
New additions!

Picked up the new sag wagon today (haven't had my son put the Thule rack — the only survivor of the 12/28 crash — on yet). Yes, I drove it home because I'll be darned if anyone but me is going to drive MY car off the lot. Had to be helped in an out, but big deal!

Can you believe Florida won't let me have "LKY SOB" cycling licence plates? ("SAG WGN" is already taken, and I'm not sure "SAG WAG" would be understood, if you know what I mean.)

The Serotta arrived yesterday and will be built up over the next couple of weeks: Dura-Ace/Ultegra mix (w/Campy headset), Campy Proton wheels.

Apr 9, 2002 2:50 PM
You got that car home without anyone destroying it! I would put it in a glass box very quickly.

For your plate, go with "7 LEFT"

You've already used up 2 of your 9 lives.
You need to get healthy before you go broke LOL!RaiderMike
Apr 9, 2002 3:13 PM
When I was off for 4 months after an ACL reconstruction I damn near put myself in the poor house withn all of the stuff I bought out of boredom. I'm glad I am not the only one! Get better soon.
Nice RideIcefrk13
Apr 9, 2002 3:17 PM
And the car is not bad either! :)
I'm jealousSlipstream
Apr 9, 2002 4:09 PM
Who cares about the bimmer,I already got one--it's the Serotta that I am envious about. ;>)

LICENSE: (assuming you are limited to 3X3 letters)



>PNK WAG this should be catch the eye of the rednecks ;>)

>GR8 BKE or RDE or RID



>BCK RDN back riding

>SDL SOR at least for the first 3 months
Okay, now I'm gettin' worried about you.Ahimsa
Apr 9, 2002 4:14 PM
You have WAY too much time on your hands.

; )


A. (How about LFN TNO ?)
its obsessiveSlipstream
Apr 9, 2002 4:22 PM
compulsive behavior knowing that soon, very soon this will come to a screeching halt unless I convert to wireless and then I will probably get hit by a truck trying to keep up with the posts while riding.

If I were smart, I would get one of those devices that automatically converts to voice mail, then I'll be set.
re: Can you spot the Serotta?Sharky
Apr 9, 2002 4:48 PM
What a nice ride! I bet you feel like a volcano waiting to go off, I know I couldn't wait to get back after my crash
I also started back with with a new frame---sturdy, stable, STEEL good luck!
how about "CYC LER"? :-)kenyee
Apr 9, 2002 6:30 PM

Nice ride. Take it autocrossing to make sure it feels properly loved. And stay away from other moving objects w/ more mass, whether driving or riding ;-)
re: Can you spot the Serotta?netso
Apr 10, 2002 3:38 AM
1. Nice Bike
2. Nice Car
3. Did not know you lived in Florida, where?
By the way, I hope you are progressing rapidly so you can use both rides.
Jax (nm)Elefantino
Apr 10, 2002 2:39 PM
re: Can you spot the Serotta?Steven76
Apr 10, 2002 5:12 AM
Nice car - is that a 330i? Dark blue or black?

Ultimate cycle carrier!
Can you say ROADTRIP!!!biknben
Apr 10, 2002 5:31 AM
Put some racks on that puppy and lets go.

Sweat ride(s)!!!