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What does today say about this board?(3 posts)

What does today say about this board?Len J
Apr 9, 2002 2:08 PM
I've checked in a couple of times today & I must say that we've had an interesting assortment of posting going on. Where else can you read about:

1.)Colorado Cyclist & the great sexual advertising debate.
2.)What is the real definition of a CENTURY?
3.)That it will take 1 lightyear or 8 dog years or more than the rest of my life to equal MB1's milage.
4.)How ebay really works, how Spirito's mind really works & some great writing from 128.
5.)How to ruin your riding buddy's ride (Or how to make your riding buddy look stupid by playing a "Joke" on him).
6.)Radical Ron's sexual orientation as he appears to "Pimp" for Spokes. (Just kidding Ron, relax ;-)).
7.)How weird a butt I really have.
8.)2 entire posts on Lightspeed without either Lazywriter or a flame war.
9.)Some of the funniest lessons learned (and some of the best Haiku) all lost in the other chatter.

Maybe it's spring fever, but it certainly appears that the natives are getting restless. What a wild and unusual day.

It shows RBR is alive and well.MB1
Apr 9, 2002 2:13 PM
BTW did you ever get my e-mail?
Yes, I've been Out of town. Thanks. nmLen J
Apr 9, 2002 2:22 PM