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Need Help, Single Butted Spokes(4 posts)

Need Help, Single Butted SpokesCaper
Apr 8, 2002 5:12 PM
My LBS has a set of Mavic CXP33s laced to Ultegra hubs for sale at a very good price. This is the type of wheel I'm looking for, bomb proof, reliable, somewhat aero, etc. However, the spokes are single butted DT spokes and from what I'm reading, they ain't the best. Is it worth buying this wheelset? Or should I get something with double butted spokes, as they are more reliable, from what I've read.

Read this and decide for yourself.Ahimsa
Apr 8, 2002 5:58 PM

See the spoke info page.

Personaly though, if they were REALLY cheap, I'd think about it. You could always ride 'em until they blow up completely and then have the hubs rebuilt with double butted spokes.

How cheap is cheap?

If "the best" is what you want, and you wouldn't settle for less, then do not buy 'em.

Sorry I can't offer a yes/no answer here.


re: Need Help, Single Butted Spokesguido
Apr 8, 2002 8:49 PM
What's a single butted spoke, one that is thicker at the nipple but not thicker at the bend on the hub end?

Or are you seeing straight gauge spokes, not thicker at either end?

All these spokes, in any case, are made of stainless steel, which is very strong, has a high modulus of elasticity and will last forever. The straight 14 gauge spokes are the thickest and heaviest, therefore the strongest.

Next to them would be the double butted ones with 15 ga. in the middle and 14 ga. at both ends. Some would say these are actually less likely to snap than 14 ga. straight, because properly tensioned, the middle parts will flex more and absorb more shock, and save the ends from flexing, particularly at the bends at the hub, where spokes most often break.

I have never broken a stainless steel DT 14 straight ga. spoke in almost 20 years of riding. The rims always go first. One time, a dog dove into my rear wheel and broke a flange in the hub, but the 14 ga. DT spokes still held.

Bladed spokes are presumably the most aero, but they're a pain to adjust, that is, turn the nipples without twisting the blade direction of the spoke. They're reputed to be as strong as any round spokes.

All DT stainless steel spokes are bulletproof on a well built wheel. The more of them, of course, the stronger the wheel. The fewer there are, the stronger the rim has to be, and/or the more frequently you'll have to tension them.

So I'd say, go for those wheels if the price is right. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a set of bulletproof wheels that will last a really long time, and never let you down, mile after mile. If they weigh a few grams more than the lightest, trickest alternatives that cost twice as much, so what? You'll descend faster, get stronger on the climbs, and it won't make any difference on the flats.
re: Need Help, Single Butted Spokespmf1
Apr 9, 2002 4:55 AM
I somehow doubt it'll make much difference. I read the UK site and they make an interesting claim about the strength of DB vs. SG spokes. I've always heard DB were stronger, but figured it was a myth. Maybe there is something to it. They also appear to be accepting advertising money from Sapim

For road riding, unless you weigh 400 lbs or are jumping curbs on a regular basis, I bet you'll never have a problem. If worse comes to worse, you'd have to rebuild them. Spokes cost around $0.50 each, so that's $16 per wheel. Not a ton of money.

If the wheels are a great deal, I'd say go for it.