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Scattante Reynolds R-853 Road Bike ?(5 posts)

Scattante Reynolds R-853 Road Bike ?martinp74
Apr 8, 2002 9:16 AM
I need a new steel road bike and can't spend too much money on it. I saw this bike on Supergo's web site and it seems like a really nice bike w/ cool components.
Does anyone have any experience with this bike or frame ?
Any input is appreaciated!
Thanks in advance
re: Scattante Reynolds R-853 Road Bike ?jtolleson
Apr 8, 2002 10:48 AM
You might want to search the archives here and at ... this bike comes up about once every two weeks and I've yet to see a post from anyone that has ridden it.

The general summary of the uninformed thoughts I've seen here, though, is that the bike certainly starts with a fine tubeset and the gruppo/wheels alone make it pretty darn close to worth it for a rider on a budget.

Ooops, I said "gruppo." Sorry, Elefantino.
Some help...Slowclimber
Apr 8, 2002 11:02 AM
But probably not a lot.

I own the Scattante Zonal which is a very different frame set from the R-853, but is the same name brand at least.

I'm doubting that you will find a whole lot of information on the bike or frame since it's a Supergo house brand bike and there are very few people out there riding on them right now and maybe fewer that will admit it.

My experience with the Zonal is that it's a better bike for the money than I expected. I can't comment on the welds as they are smoothed out which would be purely for cosmetic reasons or maybe they don't want you to see the weld quality. Not really sure which.

The bike however feels solid, gives a very nice smooth ride, handles very quick (a little quick for my liking really) and appears to be well built. The only problem I have had with it so far is that the bottom bracket threads were not finished very well. Other than that I can't complain much about the bike.

I would also mention that the posted measurements of the bike and what the actual measurements are seem to varry. My top tube was .5cm shorter than listed and the headtube was .5cm shorter than listed. I don't know if the angles are the same as listed or not though.

If you are in California I would pay a trip to SuperGo and try one out for a ride and see how it feels to you. If not you are going to be one of the few people out there to try one (if you buy it of course).

The Scattante also has pretty much no name brand recognition and you might get a nose pointed up at you if you show up on a group ride or take it into a shop to get some work done on it.

For me though it's turned out to be a very good buy to this point. The only thing I worry about it is with the warrenty. SuperGo service is extremly slow and if I ever have a warrenty claim it could take a year to get it serviced.

Not much help I know, but at least it's something.
Maybe a little more halp...swimbikerun75
Apr 8, 2002 3:57 PM
I recently bought the Scattante Airplane, and love it. I guess my concerns are the same as the previous post, since it is a no-name brand, but the columbus tubing and carbon fiber are far from no name. I've learned over the years that decals are the least important part of the bike, or anything you purchase. If someone wants to snub you for buying the same bike they have for $1000 less, let them.
For the record...Uncle Tim
Apr 9, 2002 5:50 AM
For the record, you did not buy the same bike that someone else bought for $1000 less. You bought a Scattante.