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The "good 'ole days"...(4 posts)

The "good 'ole days"...eschelon
Apr 8, 2002 5:55 AM
I was thinking the other day while riding my 'speed when I use to only be able to ride 20 miles at a moderate pace and end up totally exhausted for the rest of the day. During the ride, I would end up starting to count down the miles after 12 miles or so...and it seemed to take know kind of like how time seems to slow down exponentially when you are doing your killer interval sets.

It wasn't like I was fat or body just wasn't trained to work at sustained periods like this. Now I ride 40 miles like it's nothhing...hell, I actually consider 40 miles to be a nice easy day at a moderate pace. And when the weather is bearable (i.e. my member not freezing to the point of being numb) I would ride 70 miles; which does tire me out pretty good at the end of the ride.

20 miles...damn, it's absolutely incredible what we are able to accomplish given time and experience. 20 a metaphoric way, aren't we always trying to ride those 20 miles in life and cycling? Being persistent and being stupid laser-focused to be able to ride past 20 miles.

It's amazing how when we all first started, 20 miles seemed insane to have to go and ride all in one day...much less ride those miles in about 1 hour by I ride 70 miles.
I sort of thought the same thing..Lone Gunman
Apr 8, 2002 7:22 AM
as I remember riding my current restore bike project, 14 years ago, that 10 miles was on par with running 15 miles or so, I, in my soaking wet cotton tshirt flapping in the breeze. Then the day I read the "Bicycling" article about riding 100 miles in one day and how you build up to that total and the day I actually did it. My lungs hurt for days afterward, they had never been forced to expand so many times for so long of a period of time.
You know...theBreeze
Apr 8, 2002 7:45 AM're getting fitter when what used to be your long ride is now your recovery ride. Ain't it grand?
re: The "good 'ole days"...LC
Apr 8, 2002 11:30 AM
I just remember my ass hurting from sitting on a bad saddle and my hands and shoulders from an improper fitting bike from before I knew any better. 25 miles would feel like 100

Now 100 is a nice work out!