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Canine Intervention..... :-\(6 posts)

Canine Intervention..... :-\RolandF
Apr 8, 2002 2:46 AM
Hi, everyone! A little information before the question:

I'm a long-time mountain bike junkie who finally decided to take the plunge & buy a road bike. Found just what I was looking for, ordered it and finally took delivery of it this weekend. On my very FIRST ride, an 80lb Golden Retriever dog bolts straight for me as I ride past by his house. Unclip my feet & panic brake, and the dog plows headfirst at a full run into my back wheel, completely $%$^$&*ing it up. It was a miracle I never went down, since I hadn't come to a stop yet. I march directly to the home to speak to the owner, who seemed pretty unsypmathetic that her dog had just done this damage to a $2500 bike with only 6km on it (Owner: "He NEVER goes to the road, he's scared of the cars"....Me: "Yeah, well he never had any problem tearing across the road to the opposite side to ram me!")

Has something like this ever happened to you? If so, how did you handle it? I plan on bringing the owner the repair invoice & expecting it paid. Is there any way to prevent dogs from chasing you? Slow down, speed up, pepper spray? Being an off-roader, this is something new to me.

By the way: As if I weren't already nervous enough before this incident.... I have no idea how you guys ride these road bikes at full speed... I constantly felt like I was all over the road, the thing is so touchy (compared to a knobby-tired mountain beast). Hope I get used to it!


re: Canine Intervention..... :-\MJ
Apr 8, 2002 4:29 AM
the switch to road (skinny tyres et al) is a bit unnerving at first - but you'll get the hang in no time - it'll make you better off road as well - at least it did me

as for dogs - there have been plenty of posts on the site about dogs; what to do - how to avoid them etc. and there are lots of strategies - from extreme (pepper spray and guns) to benign (shouting, changing directions/speeds)

as for what you should when a dog damages your gear - IMO you should hold the owner responsible - if the owner does not want to accept responsibility you should pursue the matter in a small claims court

I had a dog run into me last week on a trail but a shout and direction change seemed to have warned the dog off and resulted in only a glancing blow to the dog's head

dogs, pedestrians, SUV's and other motorised traffic are all part of the game on the road - unlke the trail which has known risks (trees and rocks don't move) the road is ever changing (like a video game) - be careful - the best decription I've encountered was here on RBR which likened road perils to large wild animals - big, dumb, potentially dangerous and generally unpredictable
re: Canine Intervention..... :-\grandemamou
Apr 8, 2002 5:30 AM
Most of the time leaning over and yelling at them in a deep voice will work. Plan B is to squirt them with a water bottle. Plan C is to pedal like a mad man.

Most muncipalities have leash laws. In my corner of the world pets are considered livestock and as such must be restrained. If the law is on your side I would pursue the damages with the owner.

I had a problem with a border collie. Herding dogs are the worst. They know the perfect line to take to intercept you. After he hit my pedals a couple of times I pedaled over to the owners house and explained that the law required that the animal be restrained. I told him that I did not want to resort to calling the authorities or using pepper spray but eventualy one of us would get hit by a car. We made a compromise in the guys driveway. I told him that I usually rode by between 4-6 and he agreed to put the dog in the house at that time. So far so good.

Relaxing your hands and arms and smoothing out your pedal stroke should get rid of the jitters. Bend your arms and allow your hands to just rest on the bars. There is no need for a death grip on the bars. Concentrate on pedaling "full" circles. If you are new don't worry about your speed/cadence just concentrate on improving your pedal stroke. Once you get the stroke down the speed will come.
Apr 8, 2002 6:54 AM
most dogs are somewhat trained.... just keep riding, and sternly try all the regulars "no" "bad" "stay". Dobermans and Rotties are often trained in German, so add 'nine' to the list.

Exceptions... the scrangly pit-bull looking mutants(rarely trained)... just pedal like crazy.

As far as your bike....file a police report so there's a record of the damage and a record of the dog being off-leash. Bring the owner the bill and a copy of the report. If she doesnt pay, pursue in court.
??????????????????Woof the dog
Apr 8, 2002 9:31 AM
Dogs are loving fun animals who chase you for fun and never hurt you. Why would you spray me with pepper or kick me? Do you feel out of control when dogs chase you? Do you always like to be in control? Is your whole life about control? Are you a control-freak? Do you like beating animals?
Dogs are great, but...Crankist
Apr 8, 2002 2:44 PM
...I still have some control/sword-handling issues.