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Rolf Vector Comps(4 posts)

Rolf Vector Compsriderbob
Apr 7, 2002 10:47 PM
I just got a set of Rolf Vector Comps. I have about 400 miles on them and already had to have the back trued. Im 170 lbs and didnt really remember hitting that many potholes. My LBS tried to get it back into shape, but said he couldnt get it perfect due to the spoke design. Any suggestions?? Its looks pretty good, but not perfect. I have only had a problem with the back rim, not the front. Also, any suggestions on other wheelsets that are very easy on maintenance and not too pricy?? The LBS shop said it was common to have rims trued every 2-4 weeks if you ride 300-400 miles a week. This didnt sound right?

re: Rolf Vector CompsUncle Tim
Apr 8, 2002 7:01 AM
I have been riding on a set of Rolf Vector Comps for about a year now on my "century bike", and I just passed the 5000 mile mark on them.

The truing issue that you are addressing almost certainly relates to the paired spoking pattern. Realistically, what advantage does this pattern offer? The main result I see is that the rim gets out of true between the spoke pairs - in the very place where you have no spoke to make the necessary correction. Getting the wheel true takes a good deal of patience and practice. I would suggest that - absent an inherent flaw in the rim - any good bike mechanic should be able to get that Rolf Vector Comp wheel very close to perfect. If I can do it...

The LBS may be correct in saying that it is common to true wheels each month if you are riding 1200 miles per month on them. But I think that would mean that you want them *perfectly* trued. But if you want that degree of trueness, you need to get a truing stand and do it yourself. At any rate, your rims should not be moving around enough that you have to take it back to the LBS every 2-4 weeks, no matter how many miles you are riding.

The Rolf Vector Comps are a decent wheelset but certainly nothing special. The hubs are good, and the spokes are strong enough so that you can lace up a very stiff wheel. But they are heavy and they have made me loathe crosswinds. A fast descent in a strong crosswind and I tighten up considerably.

At the end of this year, I will retire this wheelset and replace them with something else - probably with something I'll build myself. This wheelset will not have paired spoking.
No that doesn't sound rightTroyboy
Apr 8, 2002 7:44 AM
I'm absolutely no fan of Rolf. In my opinion, you can get much better, much lighter and much more fixable wheels for cheaper. I've never trued my Nucleons and my Suns only once due to a nasty smack.

Go visit 1500 to 1600 gram wheelsets probably for less than your 2000 gram Vector Comps.
I'd head back to "Start"Spoke Wrench
Apr 9, 2002 5:16 AM
First, let me say this: I work for a Trek Dealer and we have sold lots of bikes that have Rolf wheels. While I was skeptical at first, and I'm still not a particular fan of Rolfs, I'm not anti-Rolf either. In general, we have found them to be pretty durable.

If you are having trouble with a wheelset that new, it is almost surely due to inadequate and/or uneven tension on the spokes. If that's the case, concentrating on just removing the wobbles will only make it worse.

My solution is to loosen every single spoke until I can see just one thread above the nipple. Then I can rebuild the tension evenly back into the wheel, check each spoke with a tensionmeter to be sure they are equal, and perform the final trueing. I use the same process and get pretty much the same result whether the spokes are paired or not.