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My Shortest Organized Century...(3 posts)

My Shortest Organized Century...SnowBlind
Apr 7, 2002 9:08 PM
Sometimes, the cosmos is just out to get you.
My riding parter and I signed up for a fun little metric century called the Pardee Party. Not too hard, lots of fun, beautiful California gold country, local zydego band called "Mumbo Gumbo" plays during the after ride meal. Just a great way to start have some fun after the Solvang Century.
The day started off crappy as I stripped the bolt on the bike carrier. Great, now I have to stick both bikes in the back seat of the Dodge Neon instead of the back of the new Forester.
Bonus: No CD player. Crap.
Extra Bonus: Moving gear from Car to Car, I forget the water bottles. Double crap.

Pick Jim up late, borrow a bottle from him, and decide to go down 49. Dumb move. Never been that way, much longer than backtracking to the 16. Oh well. We get there about 8, not too bad, course closes at 9.
Get registered, head for car. Now the best bit: I sprain my ankle on a rock in the parking lot. Made the mistake of trying to stop myself instead of just rolling, and jammed my shoulder. Serious pain. Serious swelling of the ankle. Shoulder hurts like hell, and it is the right arm, the shifting arm.
Jim does'nt have a car or a license, so now I got to drive home, humiliated, injured, and I have ruined both our rides.
I drop Jim off and head home. By now I have a nice goose egg sticking off the side of my ankle, and a bruise is forming around the heel. Great, I think I broke it.
I get home and the wife helps me out of the car, and now I can get a better look at the ankle. Yep, it's bad, better head for the ER.
3 hours later, I am in a splint, and the doctor is amazed I have so much damage without breaking the ankle. Looks like I am off the bike for a week at least.

Funniest moment:
I am still in my gear, so when the X-ray tech comes by and quipes "Ok! Mr. Armstrong, they want some more X-rays." I thought he was being a smart a$$. Got wheeled in before the other tech says: "Who's this?" "Mr. Armstrong", replies the first tech. "Mr. Armstrong is 89, who's this guy?". I explain the confusion. First tech has no idea who he is, second does and about busts his spleen laughing.
First one still does'nt get it. the second says "Remember that football player you kept calling Farve? Same thing."

What a day.
at least you didn't get run over by a truckcyclopathic
Apr 7, 2002 9:49 PM
take it easy
re: if it's any consolation...Akirasho
Apr 7, 2002 10:47 PM
somewhere in the universe, a star was born or a star died at that exact moment... choose whichever one gives "meaning"...

Glad you're generally OK... Mr Armstrong...

We abide.

Remain In Light.