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Knee Pain(4 posts)

Knee Painwhewitt
Apr 7, 2002 9:35 AM
I developed a sharp pain in my knee while on a 60 mile ride yesterday. The pain is on the lower outside part of the knee. It only seemed to bother me when I was applying a great deal of pressure to the pedals like in climbing or sprinting. After the ride there is no pain except if I do a deep squat. I've been cycling for a couple of years now and haven't felt this pain before. I recently moved my positioning around and wonder if this could be the cause. I can't remember what positions cause certain areas to hurt.

Any comments would be appreciated.
re: Knee Painemils01
Apr 7, 2002 11:02 AM
I am not a doctor. This problem could be many things caused by a variety of problems.
I too have had knee pain associated with cyclng and running. The problem was in the IT band on the outside of the knee. Runners call it "ITBS", or just "ITB". It's something like illio-tibial band syndrome. It's caused by stressing the large group of connective tissues and muscles that are located on the outside of the knee. Look it up on-line. Many articles to be found.
Anyway, there are specific stretches and excersises recommended to help with this. The stretches were all I needed to heal. Once the ITB adjusts to your workload it should be fine. But, as with all injuries, don't ignore it, or "tough it out". It will make training miserable.
And YES your bike set up changes will directly affect how your knees deal with the work you are doing. A seat heighth change of a centimeter can stress muscles and joints. Get a professional to help you set up your bike. This can be done at many LBS. Find someone good. It shouldn't cost more than 50-, and worth every penny.
Similar ExperienceHoward2
Apr 7, 2002 5:22 PM
During a recent bout of seat adjustment I had the follwing series of pains.

Seat lowered 1 cm - pains in front of knees. Then:

Seat Raised 2 cm (from above, 1 cm from original position) - pain as you describe - outside, upper corner, felt more like muscle pain, could be sharp. Then:

Seat lowered 0.5 cm (to 0.5 cm above originial) - all pains gone, feels fine.

Seat was at each of the positions listed above for a bout four days to a week. This happened due to a mistake on my part where I mismarked my seat post. The original change I meant to apply should have be up 0.5 cm (and I would have been fine).

Exact same areaStampertje
Apr 8, 2002 1:40 AM
...and I know because I went a little too hard yesterday and it's hurting again.

My doc thinks it's the IT band (tracktis illiotibialis). He suggested moving my saddle forward and down a bit, and if possible, point my toes out just a little ("heels against the cranks"). When you stretch your legs too much, or too far forward, the tension in the IT band increases. You want to adjust your saddle to minimize the tension on the outside of your knee.

I noticed my seatpost was a bit loose yesterday and thought it might have slipped, so I raised my saddle a bit. Within 500m I was off the bike again to lower it again - it was that evident.

Otherwise - stretch (carefully) and ice if it hurts. And for gods sake, stay out of the sprints for a little bit, I think that last one must have set me back about a week :(