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Andrea Tafi wins Tour of Flanders...GH 5th.(nm)(7 posts)

Andrea Tafi wins Tour of Flanders...GH 5th.(nm)WCC
Apr 7, 2002 8:00 AM
Provisional results have GH 4th, ahead of Nardello. [nm]Elefantino
Apr 7, 2002 9:17 AM
Tafi won in style, GH 4thboneman
Apr 7, 2002 11:36 AM
I watched the last 2.5 hours live on Eurosport and except for the moments on the climbs, it did not make for great racing. For the 8 in the final break which was then whittled down to 5, the ride on the run into the finish was fairly negative except for Nardello and Tafi. When Tchmil won a few years ago, this is exactly where he held onto a lead which was no more than 10 seconds.

Other than the Mapei boys, no one wanted to take a pull of signifigance. Museeuw had Cassani from Domo but the latter flatted when he went off with Hincapie earlier and was tired from getting back on. At one point van Petegem went but then he slowed down, probably because he thought in that group, he had the best sprint. Tafi must have launched 4 attacks in the final 10k's finally making the last one stick with a little under 3k as the the others, except Nardello, looked at each other.

Tafi had it the the big meat, rolling the gear with hands on the tops of the bars. You've all seen it before.

I'm glad Tafi won as he's a class act and both he and Nardello were the two most aggressive riders in the break.

FWIW, the Posties did a great job protecting Hincapie and then launched him off in what proved to be the winning break. Lance finished in the main pack but was riding strongly throughout the race and towards the front of the chasing group, staying out of trouble but climbing easily.
How steep is the Koppenberg?Tig
Apr 7, 2002 12:02 PM
This picture says plenty. Riding it would be tough enough, but to race it?!

More at
11% going to 22% at its steepest (nm)boneman
Apr 7, 2002 12:27 PM
I've raced over itSherpa23
Apr 7, 2002 6:22 PM
and, as you suggest, it's pretty damn hard. PLENTY of guys had to get off and run up and several guys fell over trying to ride it. It didn't help that it was raining. I rode the whole thing but one of my competitors managed to run past me on the climb (he was a cyclocross guy)so that should give you an idea of hard it was. The best climb is really the Muur in Gerardsbergen. When you race up that climb and you pass the church and make the turn onto the hard part of the climb, you can just feel the ghosts from past Rondes. Then you go past the chapel at the top of the climb and hit the descent down these tiny roads and before you know it your doing 95kph and trying not to smack into a parked car. That one's the nuttiest because descent is scarier than the climb.
Where was USPS?Largo
Apr 7, 2002 5:08 PM
This happened to George last year, caught out in front with no team mates.
Now granted, he got into the final break, but i was under the impression that LA et all were going to support GH.
They (USPS) should have had someone else in that group.
Still happy Tafi won, after all, George has lots of time to become an even better classics rider.