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What about a group purchase?(13 posts)

What about a group purchase?Breakfast
Apr 6, 2002 1:11 PM
I heard about a team that could get their team bikes at a ridiculously low price so I wondered what could happen if a bunch of people here went in on a group purchase of Team RoadBike Review bicycles?

Let's say a group of 20 or so people could decide on a Specialized S-Works road bike with Dura-Ace and Kysirium wheels, for example, or another popular big name bike and got the price down to ???

Could any members here make the bulk buy and perhaps design a small RoadBike team sticker?

Just an idea, maybe something to toss around. Bikes could ship out unassembled with parts kits. Hmmmm?
S-Works? S-Works?Elefantino
Apr 6, 2002 1:55 PM
I'm trying to SELL an S-Works. No more S-Works.

Now if we could work a deal with Richard Sachs, or Serotta, or maybe even the good folks in Tennessee (if we can't get customs), then I'd be up for that. Yeah, that's it. We'll call Sachs, tell him we want 20 frames at, say, about $800 per, and there's no way he can refuse us. We're too powerful.

[You'll notice that I have not mentioned foreign bikes. I am currently watching "Space Cowboys" so I am feeling a surge of patriotism.]

re: What about a group purchase?nyedid
Apr 6, 2002 2:04 PM
how about a trek group purchase? perhaps get a good price on 5500's?
One Problem...szybki
Apr 6, 2002 3:09 PM
How are you going to get everybody to agree on one particular brand (much less model) of bike? I can see it now- Litespeed sucks Airborne rocks, NO WAIT Ti bikes are too noodly we need Cannondales, COME ON, every idiot knows that Al bikes ride rough, we need carbon bikes... Now bring up components - Campy or Shimano, chi-chi or traditional wheels... This should be interesting.
One Problem...nyedid
Apr 6, 2002 4:20 PM
we shouldn't need to have to agree on one model, the more i think about it. the times i've gotten pro deals in the past in other sports and such, we've not had to all get the same thing. often it's last year's models from a particular manufacturer or something of that sort.
Cheap Giantliu02bhs
Apr 6, 2002 4:35 PM
Some one I know called a Taiwanese bike maker that makes bikes for Giant. I think she said that buying bulk(100 or more) Giant ALUXX frame (TCR) with Ultegra cost 300 USD. Upgrade to Dura Ace? 30 USD more. Maybe someone can go find out where Giant get their bikes from. Sorry, I don't talk to her anymore, if you know what I mean.
Cheap Giantszybki
Apr 6, 2002 5:40 PM
Suck it up dude and talk to the chick. It's only your pride\ego\shame whatever. A dura ace frame for $330 bucks! What components are included with a frame? I think we could round up a hundred people to buy these. I'm in.
Cheap GiantRadicalRonPruitt
Apr 6, 2002 7:05 PM
Dude I will take two.
For a DA frame count me in too.Icefrk13
Apr 7, 2002 7:47 AM
No way, dude, if you are telling meelviento
Apr 6, 2002 8:29 PM
Giant is making 800% on those TCR-Dura Ace bikes (TCR-0?). Besides, Giant has to buy the parts from Shimano, so it's impossible to get the whole package for $330.
what you are proposing is exactly...elviento
Apr 6, 2002 8:30 PM
what a bike retailer does. And you are proposing that he do it for free.
Problem is ~ RBR posters are not Rationalcentury2
Apr 7, 2002 3:54 AM
Have you noticed the posts about good deals on bikes? Best example is on Motobecane - posters all over think if the price is low the quality is poor - even if they have not seen the bike before. Emotion rules this group not reason {that may not be a bad thing - its just a fact) People here think 7 tubes of the exact same aluminum weilded together in Italy rides better than if it is weilded together in Taiwan or Canada - go figure. I ride a Mercier myself which posters here thought must be bad because it did not cost as much as the Bianchi or Lemond with similar specs ~ why? By the way - landed cost on a DuraAce bike can not be under $900 with Aluminum frame - just extend the margins backwards. Anyway - a group buy here is very unlikely
Hey, I maybe wrong about the Giant but ....liu02bhs
Apr 7, 2002 3:14 PM
Hey, I maybe wrong about the Giant but check out some of other Taiwanese Manufacture's deal it seems awfully convincing. Merida bikes which sells bikes in Europe, Aus, has its headquarter in Taiwan. Last time I checked in early 2001 the MSRP for on their 909 magnesium bike, with full Dura Ace and Dura-Ace wheelset for about 1900 USD. It's a rough conversion, if anyone can read one of their country-specific sites, you can verify this. I think their website is , but you can go search it on google or something.
Anyways, I think price on items in Taiwan are usually negotiable. If you are buying the components on this bike alone it would be (Dura Ace say $1000, Wheel say $800). That would leave only $100 for saddle/frame/fork/ect. With this is mind and the fact Merida has to make some profit, the dealer also has to make some profit, how can the price be so low? This is not to count in the negotiable price.
By the way I think this bike sell for around 4000 Euro in Europe.