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Sell or give away or toss? Used parts(7 posts)

Sell or give away or toss? Used partselviento
Apr 6, 2002 12:22 PM
When you have some parts that are used a lot and not very pretty but still functional, do you toss them, sell cheap, or give them away? I have a pair of old Time road pedals with a cracked plastic bottom cover, doesn't affect function. I don't think it will easily sell even if I just want $8, cause someone will come back and offer $3. Or I can give them away, but either way it's extra hassle. But if I toss them, I feel uncomfortable because they are still functional.

What do you do in similar situations?
re: all of the above...Akirasho
Apr 6, 2002 1:54 PM
It would vary from piece to piece... so you'll have to judge for yourself and your own needs.

My basement is full of bits and pieces... and while I sometimes sell, sometimes give away, I rarely toss outright.

Just a couple days ago, I needed to replace a bit of cable housing... so in to my pile of crap I waded until I got the scraps I needed. Likewise, I've refabricated stuff as necessary at a fraction of the original cost... and it doesn't hurt to have a backup or two (who gets rid of their old wheelsets?).

Lastly, it's also fulfilling to pass it along... pay it forward. Not everyone has the resources for "new" and appreciate my used, but quality give aways.

Good question. Good luck.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Sell or give away or toss? Used partsRusty Coggs
Apr 6, 2002 3:45 PM
I have boxes of 'stuff',and some may even be junk to many. Alot is not worth trying to sell.Would gladly give to someone who needed it.Can't stand to throw away.
I sympathize.Kerry
Apr 6, 2002 3:54 PM
I also hate to throw out something that still works, and seriously used parts are worth nothing. My approach is to truly wear things out, rather than replacing them based on "desire". My soul just can't tolerate that box of usable but now replaced parts that seems to grace so many people's workshop. Sometimes I scavenge pieces from the worn out part, but mostly I just pitch without guilt. For me, "worn out" has really only applied to chains, cogs, rims, and brake pads. An occasional shifter or derailleur on my commuter, but my road bikes have never really had things wear out.
Seviceable=keep Junk=tossDINOSAUR
Apr 6, 2002 5:41 PM
I usually keep ahold of stuff, even though it is junk. I had a whole box full of spokes and nipples that I replaced on my rear Rolf wheel and I tossed them. Now I could use just one of those nipples to last me 5 days until my new bike comes in, then I'm going to have the whole wheel rebuilt. If it's serviceable I keep it, trashed junk it...
Beater Bike!Leisure
Apr 6, 2002 11:21 PM
My beater is an old Trek Antelope with a Spinergy front wheel, Girvin Vector fork, twist-cross weaved rear wheel, with $30 LX cranks. I left out the front derailleur and shaved off the teeth of the big ring so they wouldn't eat my pants away commuting in work clothes. The tires that have lost too much tread to stay on my mtb go on the beater. Eventually I will get another frame, either a hardtail steel frame to compliment my FS or my current FS frame if I ever come across something better. Then bang, a spare bike that works great, I can ride it when I feel or lend it to a friend. Give it to family, donate, sell, what have you. I'll probably get a small hardtail frame, though, and use it to work on technical stunts like bunny hops, wheelies, jumping, and maybe to lend to the casual Sunday date. Woohoo!
re: Sell or give away or toss? Used partsThaddeus
Apr 8, 2002 8:51 AM
why not try to find a charity in your area that accepts donations. There are atleast 2 in my city, there must be something close to you..


for more information.

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