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Klein versus Litespeed(5 posts)

Klein versus LitespeedVegas Joe
Apr 6, 2002 8:19 AM
I currently ride a Klein Quantum race. The bike is extremely reponsive especially on climbs and decents. With Mavic Ksyriums, the bike is really stiff. I like how the bike performs but on longer rides, the stiffness tends to wear you down. I thought of going with a TI frame (Litespeed Tuscany or Classic) because it claims to be as responsive as a alum frame, but comfortable like a carbon. Is this true or just hype? Your thoughts are appreciated!
Aluminum vs titaniumDINOSAUR
Apr 6, 2002 8:48 AM
I currently ride a '99 Klein QR. I don't find it to be too stiff. You could dampen out the ride with a nicer set of wheels and consider going to a ti railed saddle. That said, as much as I love my Klein, my frame is too large for me. If it wasn't, I'd spend some big bucks and build it up. I considered purchasing another Klein, but it wouldn't make sense to own 2 al bikes, as my Klein suits me o.k. unless I go for rides over 3 hours then the TT length gives me problems. I researched titanium and and came to the conclusion the the ride would be too forgiving for my tastes. I went to the middle ground and ordered a steel bike. If you are not a large rider (I am) you might very well like titanium. You might consider a Merckx Majestic, they are made by Litespeed with Merckx geometry. I've really eyed the Majestic on the GVH website. It's priced around $1300, including the fork. I've never ridden a ti bike but they say once you ride titanium, you will never want to ride anything else. My new bike is a present for my 60th birthday. When I hit 64, and I'm still riding, my next bike will be titanium.
Another option is to take a look at the new Klein QP-Carbons, if you wouldn't mind owning 2 al bikes, or if you are going to sell your QR. Don't overlook steel bikes either, it you want something light, take a look at FOCO frames.
You have a lot of options, it took me about a year to narrow down what I wanted. Have the fun is shopping, and you will learn a lot along the way...
re: Klein versus Litespeedjmr986
Apr 6, 2002 9:17 AM
Hey Vegas,

I'm looking for a new (first) roadie and am considering the Klein QR and the Litespeed. I'm waiting for this crappy weather to break here in Ohio so I can test ride. Your statement "it claims to be as responsive as a alum frame, but comfortable like a carbon" was the first time I've heard that remark. Maybe some of the higher end LS's like the Ghisallo, or Vortex. I think the Classic and Tuscany are more sport/touring. How about the LS Hyperion Al/CF?
Vegas, test ride the Classic and the TuscanyLazywriter
Apr 6, 2002 12:39 PM
and see for yourself. I have owned a Classic for 5 years and it has been a great all around bike with excellent handling and responsiveness but very comfortable. I just got the new Vortex which has a shorter wheelbase and chainstays and is made of 6-4 ti. It is stiffer and quicker than the Classic but not by leaps and bounds though.
The Tuscany is described as the best value in the LS line. It is 90% of the performance of the Vortex and has a lot of tube shaping in the right areas to stiffen the bottom bracket. The Classic will ride very similar to the Tuscany and from what I heard, the Tuscany costs more for LS to manufacture than the Classic although the latter is more expensive.
If you dont like the integrated headset design go for the Classic. The Tuscany has the integrated like my Vortex and I have no problems with it. Plus the LS has metal cups pressed into headtube so the bearing races don't sit against the headtube itself therefore protecting the frame.
I have ridden large diameter aluminum frames like Trek and Cannondales and they were nice stiff bikes, but anyone who tells you that they can be as comfortable as ti or carbon haven't ridden ti. Check out what the Lotto Team is doing on their new Litespeeds. They are tearing up the roads. I would go for the Tuscany if I were you. The Ghisallo the other guy mentioned is not the right bike for anyone over 140-150lbs. Thing flexedlike a paperclip when I test rode it. It is ridiculously light, but at what cost? The Tuscany or the Classic are not sport/touring bikes, they are race bikes for sure, but with different strengths. The Classic is their best selling frame if that matters so a lot of people race them.
Hope this helps
re: Klein versus LitespeedVegas Joe
Apr 7, 2002 7:52 AM
TO JMR986: That comment about the Litespeed came from their rep. I spent an hour with them at Sea Otter.