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Nike Vs Specialized Shoe(6 posts)

Nike Vs Specialized ShoeMazz
Apr 5, 2002 9:23 PM
I know this is a really silly question. No two shoes are alike, blah blah. But I was wondering if Nike or Specialized cycling shoes run smaller/larger than normal. Can anyone make a comparison between Specialized and Nike shoes?
BOTH run a little smallelviento
Apr 5, 2002 9:39 PM
Nikes are also very narrow. I have owned both and don't like either. You can't go wrong with Carnac or shimano. Heard Sidis are good too.
re: Nike Vs Specialized Shoemetty108
Apr 6, 2002 4:40 AM
my road shoes are sidi uk size 8 good fit
and my mtb shoes are specialized uk size 9
good fit, so go a size bigger and you should
be ok on the specialized.

re: Nike Vs Specialized Shoemerckx56
Apr 6, 2002 8:52 AM
i've found that nike and specialized run about true to normal street shoe sizing. i wear a size 12 new balance trainer and a 46 in nike, specialized and shimano. let talk about shoes:
1)the nikes are very stiff and light (carbon soles) but only fit certain people. the fit of the shoes was fine, but the top velcro strap(poggio)and/or the plastic strap and buckle combo(hautacam) may sit too high on the foot for some people. i rode my poggio shoes about 5 times and got ride of them for that reason, and i know of at least three people that i ride with, who had the same problem. the tendon on the front of my foot/ankle was so bruised i had to take a week of the bike.
2)the new specialized shoes are bio-mechanically engineered to make your foot and knee line up for optimum power and alignment. the problem is, not everyone has perfect knees. i have to ride knees in, so the specialized killed my interior knee ligaments. the meta-tarsal bump in the insole was supposed to eliminate hot spots, and did just that. they were light and stiff, but just not for people with previous knee problems. i ride the old (yellow, silver and red) specializd shoes and love them. they aren't the lightest but i have no problems at all with them. fortunately, i found a few pairs in my travels and bought them, so i have a supply. they fit very much like diadoras. a bit narrow, but they stretch a little and are very stiff.
3)shimano carbon soled shoes are the best i have ridden. light, stiff, and fit great. the r-150s have a wide toe box and a piece of neoprene on the tongue to eliminate the problem that i mentioned above, with the nikes. the only problem i have found is the fact that they are so stiff that it takes a while to break them in and get used to them.
4)carnac--rode the ellipses for two rides and hated them. I think that once you get into the bigger sizes (45 and above), the carnacs just aren't very stiff. if you look at the published weights in a mail order catalog, they are by far the heaviest shoe too!
I have been searching for two years for the perfect shoes and have found that shimano, diadora and the old specialized work the best for me!
Nikes a size small for sure--my specs fit pretty true, thoughretro
Apr 6, 2002 5:58 PM
re: Nike Vs Specialized ShoeIcefrk13
Apr 7, 2002 8:04 AM
I had a pair of specialized shoese for mtb. and the quality sucked the were coming unstiched on the outside of the toe box after one season. I switched to Northwaves and will not change on the mtb. On the Road side I run Shimano carbons ... they have been ok... only had for 2 week though