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Seat height and femur legnth(2 posts)

Seat height and femur legnthBC
Apr 5, 2002 11:05 AM
When measuring seat height does the ratio of femur to tibia make a difference in your knee bend? I have a 32" inseam and run my seat height at 29", but it looks as if I have a huge knee bend, pretty close to 45 degrees. Also does having a long tibia decrease power?
Try this...DINOSAUR
Apr 5, 2002 12:51 PM
It might look like you have a lot of knee bend when you look down while you are riding. Have someone support you while you on your bike and extend your leg. When you hit the bottom of your stroke lock your knee. Your foot should be level, the heel should be slightly higher than the ball of the foot. If you saddle is too high you will be rocking your hips when your ride. If I have my saddle too high I will start to experience lower back pain. Most people have their saddles too high. You should feel the burn in your quads when you are out cranking, that is the muscle you should be using. Some cyclist use an up-down pumping motion and some spin little circles and some use the scrapping the mud off the bottom of the shoe via the Greg LeMond method.
Don't worry about measurements, they are just starting places. It's more less a magic spot you will hit sooner or later. And when you find it, make a notation so you can duplicate the setting if you buy a new bike. Just don't mess with your position back and fourth. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and give your body a chance to adjust. Long tibias might increase your power if you are a sprinter. Most sprinters are big powerful guys, who suck at climbing.
If you are a believer in KNOP, and you have long tibias, you might benefit from a behind the knee KNOP setting. That's what seems to work for me. It's all about experimenting..