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Dura Ace 7701(3 posts)

Dura Ace 7701elviento
Apr 5, 2002 7:45 AM
I noticed SHimano DUra Ace parts for this year have a few 7701 items, such as the chain, crankset, etc. They look pretty much identical to the 7700 ones.

So what's the story? Any improvement?
re: Dura Ace 7701Mootsie
Apr 5, 2002 8:01 AM
I just bought a 7701 chain. To me its seems "cheaper" looking than the 7700. The metal is discolored and rougher looking. May not change the performance, but just looks different to me.
re: Dura Ace 7701sievers11
Apr 5, 2002 9:41 AM
I am just speculating a little here so take this with a grain of salt.

new Dura Ace parts
crank 7701
crank 7703
chain 7701
bbracket 7703
FD 7703
(some of the wheels too)

the chain has redesigned plates that are supposed to be stronger, there are not supposed to be any improvments in functionaliy. I would hope making them stronger doesn't make them work any less well.

the cranks have nickle plating on the chain rings, they tend to look darker when they do that, it makes them last longer, I don't know why the dont just carbe them like the do metal drill bits, I assume it is the same idea though. Makes them last longer. I am not sure if they started doing the last year or a few years earlier. We have a 7700 crank in the shop with our the nickle plating, but I don't know how long it has been sitting around.

the 7703 is the new dura ace triple, for the tourist with expensive taste. "racing triple" don't make me laugh. the 7703 bottom bracket and FD go with the triple set up.