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Saddle sores...(8 posts)

Saddle sores...hayaku
Apr 5, 2002 6:56 AM
I have changed my saddle which seems to have made a difference for the better but, my saddle sore is sticking around. Does anybody out there know a cure without taking time off the bike? I don't know how in depth to go in the description so I'll leave that until it's needed.

Thanks for your help.
re: Saddle sores...JS Haiku Shop
Apr 5, 2002 7:20 AM
you have changed saddle
"difference for the better but(t)"
what more can you do?

discovered too large
my shorts, they were rubbing arse
needed smaller size

otherwise try rub
put the salves behind you, sir
low viscosity

changed saddle have i
wider, or thinner, longer,
altered position

used the balm and not
rode with smaller shorts, and not
rode the bike, and not

still the sores behind
perhaps unpleasant ride side
live with it may you!
thank you Yoda-nm :)jbrown2036
Apr 5, 2002 9:34 AM
Ihle's pasteVelocipedio
Apr 5, 2002 8:28 AM
or almost any similar zinc-oxide-based ointment, like Desitin [yes, the diaper-rash ointment; saddle-sores are very closely related to diaper rash], should do the trick. Just apply liberally to the affected area before you put on your shorts. It will {a) soothe the discomfort, (b) prevent chafing and (c) promote healing. After your ride, wash the area. You can put the ointment on when you're sitting around the house... but it can get kind of messy, so wear an old pair of boxers.

The downside is that these ointments CAN discolor certain chamois...
re: Saddle sores...sievers11
Apr 5, 2002 9:18 AM
Try some udder butter, I think it is a brand name...some people also call it butt butter. We sell a ton of it from our shop on RAGBRAI. It is a creamy kind of vaseline. It acts as a lubricant. Most saddle sore are from friction, the udder butter smooths it all out.

I lot of Bike shops probably carry it, but if the don't have them looking it up in one of there suppliers catalogs.

You should probably take a little time off though, even if you can spare 2-3 days.

Be carefull though, If they are real open sores or rashes make sure you get the area very dry after you are done. The time you are not one your bike it would help to keep a little baby power down there. It is possible to get the sore infected and get a worse rash like staff infection or something I have had, a yeast infection. (guys can get them too, but it is a skin rash, not the...other) If it gets infected go to your doctor, asap.

good luck
just went through thisjbrown2036
Apr 5, 2002 9:43 AM
first think hard about keeping your shorts, If you decide to keep them wash them in really hot water. You got to kill all that bacteria that's hiding in the pads. Do it again with even hotter water.

Hit the sore and the whole area with neosporin and wear some loose shorts (preferably nothing) and air it out (2 or 3 days).

Use the chamois creme when you start riding again, and the moment you are off the bike get out of those shorts (shower if possible)
-Hell I've even tried baby wipes.

Easily the most humiliating moment of my life is when I went to my doctor for treatment and had to show it. All women have my sympathy whenever they go to the gyn.
re: Bag Balmcyclopathic
Apr 5, 2002 11:04 AM
7$ at CVS (section 6a). wash sores and apply several times a day you'd be like new in 2-3days.
It also works great for prevention good luck
A very close alternative to the real dealLone Gunman
Apr 5, 2002 12:14 PM
chamois butter or bag balm (stains lycra and does not was out of shorts very well) is Lubriderm. Been trying it while riding the rollers this winter/spring and like it better than udder cream. It is thicker than Udder cream, but nothing is better than the real deal.