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buying shoes - how important is stack height?(4 posts)

buying shoes - how important is stack height?TPC
Apr 4, 2002 9:38 PM
Hello all,

After being just a reader here for several weeks, i decided to finally open my mouth :-)

I'm currently riding a mtn bike, but am planning on purchasing road bike, shoes, pedals within the next month.

I'm looking to get the road shoes and pedals first, and was wondering how important stack height is? I've read tons of positive reviews on the sidi genius 4, but they always require an adapter. Is the height/weight of the adapters on the sidi's significant?
Since i don't have road pedals yet, i'm open to any system, so would i be better off going with, for example, a shimano shoe with spdr pedals in order to avoid an adapter?

My main criteria for choosing shoes is to get whichever are most comfortable, but all else being equal, which shoes interface with which pedals best, or alternatively, are there particular shoe/pedal combinations that i should avoid?

Thanks in advance,

PS keeping the drivetrain weight low is important to me as i plan to eventually do some local races.
why not MTB shoeselviento
Apr 4, 2002 10:29 PM
Easy to walk in. Familiar. No extra cost. Shimano MTB shoes are fairly light and stiff. WOrks for me.
re: buying shoes - how important is stack height?Akirasho
Apr 4, 2002 10:54 PM
... the height of the adapter is relatively insignificant... it fits within a recess in the sole of the shoe...

As far as what to go with... you'll get at least as many opinions as there are systems... and most of them are good... merely different (some will offer light weight, greater cornering angles, varied degrees of rotational float and/or lateral float or a closer distance 'tween foot and pedal axle... all subject to the individual needs of the rider).

FWIW, Sidi makes an excellent shoe and chances are you'll be happy with whatever combinations you choose (Sidi adapts to virtually all clipless systems (or the systems themselves conform to one of the big standards (SPD/SPD-R, LOOK or Time)).

I use both MTB (747) and LOOK (296) on my road bikes... and like each for different reasons. One nice thing about LOOK is that you can find parts virtually anywhere... and the majority of riders I encounter use 'em too (though Speedplay, beBop, Time, SPD-R, Crank Bros and Keyway... to name a few are eating into that market share).

We abide.

Remain In Light.
If the shoe fits...DINOSAUR
Apr 5, 2002 8:11 AM
I wear orthotics with my cycling shoes. When searching for new shoes I'm limited with which shoes will accomodate my orthotics. Stack height just means a difference in a couple of mm's in your seat height. Some guys prefer spd's as you can lower you saddle and apply more leverage. With Looks I had to raise my saddle about 3MM when I made the change from spd's. Find the shoe which fits, then which pedal system accomodates that particular shoe. Most road shoes will work with any pedal system.

I found the best way to find shoes is to find a bike shop with a large inventory and start trying them on, then buy the one's that fit the best.

There is no 'best' system, it's just what you prefer. I prefer Looks because of easy entry and release and the wide platform.