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Lemond Bike Price/ cannondale r2000(5 posts)

Lemond Bike Price/ cannondale r2000tomk85
Apr 4, 2002 4:30 PM
My dad just got the Lemond Buenos Aires, Is it a good bike for the price at $1545.59

Its got all ultegra, reynalds 853, bontrager paired spoke wheels, bontrager seatpostk stem and h-bar, carbon fork, cane creek headset

Hows the r2000 si cannondale, because I just ordered one
re: "...because I just ordered one."Elefantino
Apr 4, 2002 5:08 PM
I hope YOU know how the R2000si is, seeing as how you've committed to it.

If you've already taken the plunge, you must think it's great. You're not going to get any advice here that's better than you're own intuition.

Have fun with it. Don't look back.

re: Lemond Bike Price/ cannondale r2000nazgul
Apr 4, 2002 5:37 PM
I just got mine yesterday so I cannot offer longterm impressions, but it's a great stiff aluminum bike, however the carbon fork and curved seatstays make it more comfortable than my old raleigh R600. I testrode a Fuji Team and a Kestrel Talon while trying to decide and the Fuji's frame was more compliant, but I didn't like the fork. The Kestrel offered a more plush ride but was $400 more expensive and the wheels weren't as nice.
Enjoy yours,
re: Lemond Bike Price/ cannondale r2000PegLeg
Apr 5, 2002 4:32 AM
Actually the '02 BA is not all Ultegra. It has a 105 BB, chain and cassette. The remainder is Ultegra.

Early models of '02 BA, such as mine, has TTT stem and bars instead of Bontrager and Lemons seatpost instead of Bontrager. The early models also came with Axial Pro tires instead of whatever they are putting on them now (Contis maybe ?)
re: Lemond Bike Price/ cannondale r2000netso
Apr 5, 2002 5:19 AM
My wife has had an r2000si for over 1 year. It has been a great investment. She loves it. I have and r4000si and I too love mine. We came over from steel and heard all the negatives about aluminum. They are very comfortable!!!!