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Primer for Deadbeat Cyclists; How To Beat The Rap(1 post)

Primer for Deadbeat Cyclists; How To Beat The RapSlipstream
Apr 4, 2002 11:41 AM
This one is for all you rogue cyclists out there, check out this web-site:

It covers all the contingencies you could ever encounter for anyone who commits a traffic violation. LFR, maybe you should make a copy and hand it out to those rhino riders you encounter in Boulder. ;>)

Topics covered:
>Know the Law.
>Don't Get Stopped.
>Talk your way out of it.
>Don't Carry any ID.
>Don't Give them Your ID.
>Once you've got a ticket.
>Request a Jury Trial.
>Delay Your Pre-Trial Hearing.
>Delay Your Hearing Again.
>When You Can't Delay Any More.
>Attend Your Hearing.
>Pros & Cons of Court.
>When You're Arrested for a Warrant.

Either this guy is wholly wacko or he's a great lawyer. Or, he just has a great sense of humor and has too much time on his hands.

I particularly like the the advice on talking your way out of a ticket, "I saw you following me, but I didn't see that you were a cop, and I thought it might be someone trying to jump me since I was biking through a bad neighborhood, so I was just trying to get away."