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Hernia surgery...recovery time?(9 posts)

Hernia surgery...recovery time?rtolle
Apr 4, 2002 11:18 AM
I'm having hernia surgery next week, which obviously puts an end to my cycling for a while. I know a few of you all have had hernia surgery and I was wondering what the recovery time was before you were able to get back on a bike. Also does it affect you so much that it will be difficult to do longer rides? The goal is to get this done now so I can do some racing this summer...will I be ready?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I had mine done (one side) on December 26, the in-out kind,bill
Apr 4, 2002 11:41 AM
which was for me a bit of a misnomer. Don't let yourself be fooled; it's not like getting your teeth cleaned. It's surgery. You lose blood, you are under anesthesia (they told me that it wasn't a general anesthesia, and maybe not technically, but I couldn't tell you the difference -- I was out, they operated, I woke up giddy, and I didn't feel too good for awhile), and you are in pretty bad pain for like a week. Now, ten days later, I felt a LOT better, but the first few days, really the first week, sucked worse than I had anticipated.
You could be back on the bike in about two weeks, but I wouldn't count on going nuts, working hard, for at least a month.
No problem...also a funny storyfloatch
Apr 4, 2002 12:12 PM
I had a hernia surgery last year the day after Valentine's Day, and while I was laid up in bed for a week or so, spaced out on pain drugs, I too felt much better after ten days. I was able to walk around and gained some flexibility back, but bending at the waist and sitting down was still slow and careful. If you're in relatively good shape, you'll be fine in a month or less for riding, although light at first (especially if they go in laproscopically[sp]).
Funny story, possibly gross...
Before my surgery, they asked me if I wanted to be asleep, and I said yes. They gave me an IV drip of some pretty hard core anaesthetic, and I was in la-la land. However, I never really fell asleep, and kept trying to see my guts during the surgery. I was conscious during the entire procedure, and although I could feel them doing something, I felt no pain. I asked several times if I could sit up and see my guts (maybe I'm a freak), so the doctor told me I could sit up for just a moment. I lifted my head, and the doctor lifted out a bit of "my guts" for me to check out. Yowza. I realized the next day that I may have hallucinated the entire thing, but when I went in for a later check-up, the doctor and nurse came in smiling and joking about "the guy who wanted to see his guts."
My "funny story" is that, for the rest of the day after thebill
Apr 4, 2002 12:45 PM
surgery, I started out feeling, umm, pretty good. They had given me Percocet with the instructions to take one or two as needed for pain. Okay, pop one.
An hour or two go by. I'm feeling a little worse. Okay, check the instructions, take another Percocet (did you know that Percocet is a narcotic?).
A couple of hours go by. I kind of snooze. Feeling sort of sick and in pain, but not all that bad.
Wife has made dinner. Get up to go to the table. Stop to pee. Standing there, now really not feeling so good.
Sit down at the table. Look down at plate, which contains a baked potato. Plate is now undulating a bit; potato starts to breathe. I mutter, sotto voce but out loud, "I don't feel so good."
You will have to ask my wife and my two scarred children what happened next, because the lights, as they say, went out. After some indeterminate period of time, I come to. My wife is holding the phone in one hand, saying something to somebody about my operation and "seizures," and holding my head up (by the hair, as I recall) in the other. Children stop running around in circles screaming and are now clutching each other, still screaming, looking at Daddy, whose eyes by now have stopped rolling back in his head and who has stopped gurgling.
EMT's arrive, it seems, in seconds. HR is down in the low forties (my normal is about 60), BP is something ridiculous, and I'm clammy and sweaty. I barf. They are asking me how I'm feeling and do I want to go to the hospital. I barf again.
I'm thinking, that's odd that they're asking me, what do I know. I don't know sh*t. I just want to lie down.
I say, "I just want to lie down." Guy says, if you lie down, it's going to on a gurney and we're taking you in. Fine with me. He could have said, if you lie down, it's going to be in this spaceship and we're taking you to Jupiter. I was going to lie down.
In the midst of this, I hear my darling elder daughter (seven) say, "did Daddy get his germs on my potato? If he did, I'm not eating it."
Stayed in the hospital through the next morning.
Beware of Percocet.
oh man, you beat me!floatch
Apr 4, 2002 1:14 PM
What a great story. Ahem, not great in that it happened to you, but great in the sense that... oh nevermind. I laughed out loud at your daughter's comments.
I got Vicodin, and it had me hallucinating and putting my feet on the bedroom wall because "the room is turning!" In addition, my girlfriend (who was taking care of me) asked me what kind of music I'd like to listen to while laying there. Of course, being doped up, I asked for Pink Floyd. After about ten minutes of talking and panicking about the moving room, I asked Melissa "What are we listening to? I like it." She said "That's because it's your CD." It was then that I laughed, and then realized laughing is a no-no after a hernia surgery.
re: Hernia surgery...recovery time?dust
Apr 4, 2002 1:24 PM
I had one side done last April. They put the patch in me. The first 3 or 4 days were percocet trip fests. It was a lot more painful the first few days after than I anticipated. Especially hitting the bathroom for the first time. My dr said I would want to kill him, and he was right. But after the first week the recovery is really quick. I was back on my bike for small rides in 3-4 weeks and was full out back to normal riding and even going to the gym (lightly) after 6 weeks. I don't have any residual problems so you should be ok. I have noticed that occasionally I feel an ache in the area if I wear a belt too tight or something. But never any discomfort from a long 50+ mile ride.
Maybe I was luckier than the othersSlipstream
Apr 4, 2002 1:39 PM
During the exam, the Doc asked, "do you prefer local or general." Then he saw I was sweating like a pig just from the exam itself. "I'll give you general," he replied. I can't even stand visiting someone in a hospital, let alone being a patient. He said he had done over a 1000 of these and that it would be a piece of cake So, the out-patient procedure was scheduled.

When the time came, my wife was more concerned than I was. They put me under and voila, woke up in a recovery room feeling only a slight pain but I was able to get dressed without any real problem. After an hour, they gave me a bunch of pain killers and sent me home. Went to sleep and woke up with a helluva pain.

Took an Aleve and stayed away from the pain killers (whatever they were). Fortunately, the Aleve kept the pain within a tolerable level. I was determined not to take the pain killers because that stuff leaves me feeling woozy for days. Limped around for 3 days.

Anyway, I was playing racquetball within a week and haven't had any problems since. That was 5 years ago.

Good luck to you; I think that the procedures today are greatly improved from 10 or 20 years ago.
Thank you all...rtolle
Apr 4, 2002 4:19 PM
Thank you all for the info. My doctor told me it was no big deal and it is outpatient surgery. I will be going under...this whole pain thing you all keep talking about has me a bit worried...but thanks for the info and I'll keep everyone up to date on my stories. If there half as good as yours'it might be ok. Thanks Again!
depends on the way they do itzooog
Apr 5, 2002 2:37 AM
I have had it done twice. First time was the old way. Cut me and fixed it. Friggin painful. Bike riding and recovery was slow. Had it done again with the mesh a few years later and this time it was done lathroscopically(spelling?). This is when they go through the belly button area with the little cuts. Recovery was awesome. No pain. Didn't even take a pain medicaion except for right after the surgery. Recovery was a lot faster. Good luck