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You know gregg...(2 posts)

You know gregg...Leisure
Apr 4, 2002 3:54 AM
Maybe instead of having the "who's who" thing as a thread (the popularity of which is righteous and good), we could have a separate discussion/pics page where anyone interested could post all the personal info with a pic or three. You could run it off your user profile and modify anytime when you choose to change handles, etc. In addition to just being really cool in general, it would encourage more stability in the use of handles which occasionally get tossed about.
this is a good idea, we've discussed much 'round here....gregg
Apr 4, 2002 10:50 AM
...everyone agrees that being able to have a more expansive user profile is a feature that would be useful and popular. Unfortunately, the message board software that we use isn't very robust in the profile department. There are several newer boards with better features that let you add things like avatars, etc...and frankly, we wish we had those cool features to give you guys.

For now, we'll have to stick to the "Who's Who" thread, but we're always looking to improve things and if we have a chance to include a feature like this, we will.