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help finding a bike... anyone tried a nashbar frame?(3 posts)

help finding a bike... anyone tried a nashbar frame?up_hiller
Apr 3, 2002 12:08 PM
ok, here's one more post from a MTB'r looking for a road bike. I know some of you road-only riders must get sick of these.

I'm dying to get my hands on a road bike, but these suckers are expensive! Entry level roadies cost a nice chunk-o-change more than an entry level MTB. my MTB is by no means entry-level, but that's because I spent all my bike money on it. didn't have any clue at the time that i would wind up wanting a road bike, too. has any body tried one of the nashbar road frames?

how much do you think I would have to spend to build one up using nothing but bargain-basement, closeout, and used parts (say, nothing better than 105 or some old 600 stuff, $10 tires, and so on)? I'm not shooting for a racer here, just something that would be fun to ride. So weight is not a major issue. Neither is appearance.

Would it be worth it to try to build such a Frankenbike, or are there some screaming deals out there that I just haven't come across in all my searching? I have spent quite a bit of time on E-Bay and haven't found anything I thought was a really fantastic opportunity.

Anybody got an old 56cm sitting around collecting dust?
I'll try to help.Ahimsa
Apr 3, 2002 6:29 PM
Well, let's see if we can answer all your queries succinctly here.

Yes, you can certainly put together a decent bike on the cheap that will be a blast to ride without breaking the bank when weight is not an issue.

Frame: Soma Smoothie at Gotbike = $319.00

105 STI leverset at JensonUSA = $140

105 Front and Ultegra rear derailers at JensonUSA = $57

105 double crankset at JensonUSA = $90

105 Bottom bracket " " = $23

Sachs PC 59 Chain " " = $14

105 Cassete " " = $28

3TTT Forma 2 handlebar " " = $18

Canecreek CT2 Aheadset " " = $29

Mavic MA3 w/ 105 hubs Wheelset " " = $115

Titec Lil-Al Stem " " = $19

105 brakes " " = $49

Bartape anywhere = around $9-15

Tubes = Conti Lites $10 or so a pair, Hell get 3 and have an extra $15

Total = $931.00 + shipping, assuming you assemble it yourself. You will need cable and housing and grease too of course.

Saddles (seats) are a matter of personal preference and should be something you try out for yourself. Same goes for tires and pedals in my opinion, but you will find plenty of both at reasonable prices on the web or at your LBS. Conti 100's are cheap and decent. I might be inclined to spend more on tires and seats though, so I'll leave it to you.

This is but one example of a decent NEW bike for around a grand. It is by no means the only example (Heck, I really only used one website). In fact, Surly sells a Crosscheck complete for something like $899.99.

Just shop around for awhile until you know what you want and find the best price. Maybe buy one thing at a time as you find a good deal, then build when you compile all the parts. This is fun if you ask me.

I have seen plenty of bikes at the LBS ready to roll for under $1000, and used bikes on consignment for even less.

Hope this helps a bit.


re: help finding a bike... anyone tried a nashbar frame?Alpedhuez55
Apr 4, 2002 9:43 AM
I would consider a Fuji. I was in a shop and saw 2 or 3 road bikes under $500. They used the Sora Group which is not great but very functional. I have been impressed by thear latest road and cyclocross bikes. I have 2 friends who have bought their higher end Team road bikes and rave about them.

If you are interested in a frame, I have a KHS Aerocomp frame that may work well for you. Ultegra Headset, 105 front deraileur w/Z Bottom Bracket & Seatpost as well. I am planning on selling it soon but need to double check the sizing on it. Let me know if you are interested in it.

Mike Y.