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Terps win!!!...let's burn a Trek(11 posts)

Terps win!!!...let's burn a TrekDjudd
Apr 3, 2002 6:45 AM
In the course of my duties I had to go to the University of Maryland campus Monday night to report the coming riot if the basketball team won the NCAA championship. After a night of drinking and the anticipated win occurred the thousands gathered around the campus indeed did riot. I, the dutiful reporter, covered the area, in particular College Park Bicycles. Everyone in the area knows this shop, great new rides and hanging from the rafters are hundreds of classic frames (Bob Jackson, Masi, 60's vintage Bianchis).
Unfortunately, the shop is in the middle of the mess and despite the efforts of the store manager someone in the throng threw a two-by-four through the window. People were pulling bicycles through the window, there was absolute bedlam. The worst of all is that some of these thugs took one or two of the bikes and threw them on a bonfire they had going.
The police did get a few of the bikes back and they arrested some of the thieves with more arrests to come. The thought of stealing and then attempting to burn a bike is just sickening. I don't understand the process that dictates- our team won, let's burn and destroy something. Not to mention the bikes and the looting of the store. I'm going to call the store today and offer help and concern.
Apr 3, 2002 6:56 AM
It's just hard to fathom certain forms of stupidity. Forget about the fact that College Park Cycles is a kind of cool place, I don't understand why middle-class frat boys think it's fun to, e.g., throw public benches onto parked police cruisers (all while being filmed by news cameras no less--news at 11, arrests to follow). I mean, looking at the perpetrators in the news footage, I've got a whole lot of confidence in my guess that this is not a cry-from-the-heart demonstration against police repression.

You know, with plenty of crimes I can see the appeal. It's not that I approve, but at least I understand why there's some attraction to the behavior (hence the need for a law to restrict it, supposing at least some folks think it's bad). But the whole "hey our team won so let's destroy the neighborhood surrounding our campus" impulse is pretty mysterious to me.
Apr 3, 2002 7:17 AM
I lived through this scenario before, as a member of the media no less. I was at UConn during riots in 1995 and in 1999 (following a men's NCAA title). I really wish there was something we could point to as the cause of this inexplicable behavior. Having thought about it endlessly, I simply can not come up with anything aside from that fact that a portion of the college community feels like, because they're in school, the normal social rules just don't apply.

The saddest part of the incidents is the damage of the University's reputation as far as the local community is concerned. The destroyed property, the waste of tax money, and the general feeling that the school isn't a safe area all helped turn the local population against the student body. At Connecticut, they're still dealing with the problems that first arose from that first severe incident in '95. On the last weekend before finals, it's not uncommon to see dozens of state troopers putting on their riot gear in the parking lots around campus in case things get out of hand.

It's especially troublesome when you think that, in thses times, our law enforcement manpower is sorely needed in other areas.
Luckily the Women Aren't Following....jagiger
Apr 3, 2002 7:26 AM
The UCONN women's team is having a parade this Saturday. This dove tails nicely with the women's High School All-American All-Star game. UCONN will be getting 4 new recruits from this group. The other college teams might be a little upset by this, but they won't get too bent out of place by the whole thing.
check this site out for an update...Djudd
Apr 3, 2002 7:22 AM
here is an update from the College Park Bicycles site...
Apr 3, 2002 7:27 AM
What ever happened to lets just watch the game get real drunk have a good yell while walking back to our dorm's or our apartment's? Instead LETS RIOT that will be fun. What a bunch of dumb A$$'es.
in some societies i can fathom why - but which of those youthsSpirito di Finocchio
Apr 3, 2002 8:02 AM
have any real angst or unavoidable necessity to act without concern for innocent people or disregard for humane principals - none.

their actions prove not only deeply disturbing and fruitless but further distance themselves from any true understanding of what it means to have the basic but bounty of opportunities and riches that are denied to most other citizens of our frail world.

feigned shame and regret for their actions will boil over in an act of superficial impulse when they are brought to show cause just as quickly as thier recklessly driven violence did preceding the atrocity. and the cause is that the generation that sired and brought them up has lost faith and conviction that they do and ultimately can choose the home, family, values and society that the youth are subjected to. but parents have become all to busy as well as part of the idiotic mindest of the youth. with adults as reckless and morally impoverished as children is it a mystery why their seems to be less of god in his creation?

treat a child with love, understanding and respect - if that doesnt appeal waste no time in showing them reality and the much harder path and its consequences. if they chose to make adult crimes then they dont deserve kid gloves.

my parents were so obsessed with their own trivial lives that i, 1 of their 2 major inductees and products of their efforts in their life, left home without them even knowing who i really was or what i was doing. my questions, guidance and decisions have been self taught and frustratingly so. shamefully i still hold resent and am not one to aquiesce so that they may have a happy ending to their life story.

i will hold contempt for any parent who offers that they have no time to spend with their children or offer much needed life skills. im not saying its easy but pray tell me what is of more importance to a mother or father?

we are all free to do what we want but many of us by the way we act dont understand that freedom is to be guarded and upheld for it offers both good and bad and hindsight is no tonic compared to knowing when to say no to ones impulses.

and to a bike shop? argghh

and the consequence - the victors are now undeniably the losers and that team deserves to be stricken from records and any acheivements or opportunity to compete witheld. their fans dont know the meaning of the word sport and what it stands for. sport and discipline are a different and opposite language to selfishness and recklessness.

The mob have neither judgment nor principle, -- ready to bawl at night for the reverse of what they desired in the morning. -- Tacitus.
They had 2 F'n days to anticipate trouble...Lone Gunman
Apr 3, 2002 7:46 AM
So why was the national guard not dispatched to the 2 college towns that are involved in the title game? It happens every year, the media makes a big show of the event, the business owners are left to pick up the pieces. The only way to control this stupidity is A) stop having the tournament and vote on a champion (boo) B) a show of force to keep the celebration in line. Sounds like an item that needs to get onto Mr Homeland Security Tom Ridge's agenda
re:They had 2 F'n days to anticipate trouble...Djudd
Apr 3, 2002 8:17 AM
Actually they had a year to anticipate trouble and a reaction to it. Last year after UofMd made the Final Four there was a huge riot that destroyed some utility boxes and wiped out power in adjacent neighborhoods.
This year, there were thousands of officers deployed in the area before the event. In fairness I must point out the cops were there and ready, I think there was a a miscalculation in the plan. The cops' plan was to let the revelers go in a small space then break it up before things got out of hand. Unfortunately there were stores in the "let go" zone including College Park Cycles. Additionally, the police undersestimated the disdain for the law the crowd would have. They figured if there was a show of force before the end of the game that would keep the rowdiness down. Which it did, relative to last year's all out riot, not much consolation for the storeowners looted by drunk frat boys.
Time to call open season on looters. . .js5280
Apr 3, 2002 11:24 AM
If I were a business owner, I would be inside patiently observing w/ a shotgun and VERY obvious signs posted that anyone illegally entering the store will get a mouth full of buck shot. Even if someone was stupid enough to push their luck, I don't think it would take many rounds to make any others think twice. My guess is A) the police wouldn't agree to provide protection prior to the event like most people THINK they're supposed to do and B) you'd go to jail for defending your property and this case life, the manager was assulted w/ potentially deadly force.

We wonder why riots/looting occur, it's because they know most people will get away w/ it and no one is there to stop them. We rather mop up afterwards and count property losses, injuries, and deaths of the innocent. . .and the anti-gun crowd calls us who believe in the right to protect our lives and property as 'nuts'.
re: Terps win!!!...let's burn a Trekxxl
Apr 3, 2002 11:27 AM
As a Bearcat fan, I guess I should be glad Huggin's boys tanked in the tournament (except that we did the trash-and-burn thing last summer anyway).

And there is absolutely no proof to the vicious rumor that Rick James is Donald Little's uncle ;o