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Hey Loop and DeanGuy...(4 posts)

Hey Loop and DeanGuy...Gregory Taylor
Apr 3, 2002 6:23 AM
Thanks once again for your input about your bikes. I've ordered a Dean Culebra SCI in the Zona tubing. Light blue...just like the one that is up on the Dean Website. They are doing a few tweaks with tube selection (for free!) to tune the ride to what I want -- stiff in the bottom bracket. John at Dean Bikes was just wonderful to deal with...
re: Hey Loop and DeanGuy...loop
Apr 3, 2002 1:55 PM

Glad to hear it. I think you'll be happy. I never got to ride the SCi, so please be sure to fill us in on its ride qualities. In the meantime, which color and what components did you go with?

This is the hard part now--waiting. But it'll be well worth it.

What I've picked....Gregory Taylor
Apr 3, 2002 4:29 PM
The bike will look a LOT like the blue Culebra SCI that is up on Dean's website. (That bike, by the way, belongs to the guy who took my order -- John). I'm going with the "SID Blue", same as the bike on the web. As for components, John suggested a Chorus/Record mix -- his bike has the Record shifters and rear derailleur. This is only a $50 upcharge over straight Chorus... I'm normally a Shimano guy, so I'm going to ride a Campy bike this weekend and see how I like it. Spec'ed like that, the bike will be $2500.00 plus shipping. I should get it in about a month, if all goes well.
What I've picked....loop
Apr 3, 2002 4:58 PM
You're gonna love it. I went with Electric Blue and an Ultegra/DA mix + CK headest, WCS cockpit and Ouza fork. The color is terrific, and I'm sure the SID blue will be stunning.

I think you scored a great price. People will always chime in with "you coulda/woulda/shoulda" got it cheaper ______. Nonetheless, it looks like you got a great deal.