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daylight savings(10 posts)

daylight savingsMJ
Apr 3, 2002 12:39 AM
We sprung forward last weekend here in Blighty and it's already impacting my saddle time. It's all well and good to push through the cold, dark, wet winter months - but I only pushed through with occasional rides and regular commuting.

I'm doing twice my commuting saddle time every day now and am including some hills which are reminding me what the winter (and last week's holiday in France) has done to me... This weekend will continue the saddle time with a ride from Guildford to Portsmouth.

It's fun riding when it's still light and getting warmer -unseasonably so here. I'm sure you North American based posters will enjoy it starting on Sunday.

Winter is dead - long live the summer.
re: daylight savingsscruffyduncan
Apr 3, 2002 3:14 AM
great isn't it?, I did 200 miles up in the lake district over the weekend, just a pity I'm back in the middle of London now.

How far is Guildford to portsmouth?
re: daylight savingsMJ
Apr 3, 2002 5:00 AM
should be 85 miles or thereabouts - I'm riding with Muncher and (I think) a few others from the board - you're welcome to ride with us - I'll warn you that it's likely to be slow and long rather than fast and frenetic (it's been a long winter) - it's a great route - we did it back in October

I'm training down from Waterloo - 9ish or so on Sunday morning - for a Guildford bike departure of 10ish or so - training all the way back from Portsmouth to London

weather looks to be 10 degrees with a bit of wind nearer the coast so a bit cooler than today but still great riding weather

200 miles in the Lake District souinds great - where? on or off road? were you up for Easter? decided on a Donohue yet?

I've got my bike booked for the shop (Yellow Jersey) on Saturday and it looks like I'll need a new back wheel (rim has fractured around a spoke - commuting is tough on a bike) - so I hope they can manage to have it ready to go on Saturday for the Sunday ride
re: daylight savingsscruffyduncan
Apr 3, 2002 5:41 AM
I may well do, I fancy a long slow one (oo-er) as I've been riding short and fast recently. Probably my choice of new bike, I went for a columbus zonal Al frame with campy daytona and open pros, as it was on a great deal at Condor. I may try a race or two this year, so light and fast won out. It does ride stiff over bad roads, but not as bad as some would make you believe. However the steel winter bike, built for comfort not speed would be out if I come on Sunday. How long do you intend to allow for the ride?.

The Lake District was all on road, 4 rides of 30-65 miles from my parents' house. The best one was over the caldbeck fells through mungrisedale, keswick, bassenthwaite then back up to wigton, lovely country lanes, stunning scenery, bright sunshine. I also manged to get over newlands pass, with its 25% gradient. When I enquired about a triple while buying my bike the gut assured me that " there's nithing in this country you can't get up in 39-26 on a racing bike, no matter how unfit you are". Obviously never been to the lakes!, my heart was beating like a f**ked clock at the top.
re: daylight savingsMJ
Apr 3, 2002 5:55 AM
the Lakes stuff sounds great - can't go wrong at Condor sounds like you got a great ride

dunno about how long really - Muncher may have a better idea - if we average 12-15 mph with a few stops it should be 6 hours or so? (from Guildford)

campy and triples are great

my home commute (now in daylight savings) is up the Parkland Walk from Finsbury Park via Highgate to Hampstead before heading back to Kentish Town - it's one big climb from the City - I lived the clock yesterday
re: daylight savingsscruffyduncan
Apr 3, 2002 6:07 AM
sounds like my occasional lunchtime ride, farringdon-kingsx-chalk farm-hampstead-highgate-highbury-islington-farrindon. Occasionally legthened to a "tour of the north london hills" by heading up to ally pally, muswell hill, stamfrd hill and wherever else I get lost.
re: daylight savingsMJ
Apr 3, 2002 7:00 AM
ally pally/muswell hill are absolute killers whichever way it's approached - I used to live in Hornsey/Crouch End at the bottom of Crouch Hill - what an unpleasant way to warm up on a morning ride!

coming up York Way towards Camden Road from King's Cross is a nice little burner on that type of route - but it doesn't leave you out in Chalk Farm - though you can make your way up to Archway via Brecknock Road/Tuffnel Park

your ride'd be about right for lunch - hope you have a shower back at the office - how do you find lunch rides for traffic and work place tolerance? any tips?
re: daylight savingsscruffyduncan
Apr 3, 2002 8:00 AM
The traffic on the lunchtime ride isn't usually that bad. Once through Kings' X I head up pancras way then onto camden high street, which can be busy, from there up haverstock hill to hampstead and on to the spaniards and highgate is pretty free-flowing. Down Highgate hill is normally as fast as you want it to be and holloway road has a bus lane, so no worries there. I avoid Islington proper by ducking down Liverpool Road. If I don't manage it at lunchtime I usually don't bother, as the traffic is atrocious after work. I have showers at work, so it makes for a pleasant break. I also find this ride a good measure of my fitness, which gear I use up the hill to Jack straw's castle is the scale.
"winter is dead" ???Wannabe
Apr 3, 2002 7:35 AM
Unfortunately not here, got 2" of snow yesterday and we're not supposed to hit 40deg until the weekend. :(

I'm getting really tiered of looking at my trainer getting covered in sweat. I've got 100miles outdoors so far this year and 900miles(!) on the trainer. That's quite a bit for me, maybe not for most here, but a lot for me.

We switch over this weekend, with the first wednesday night group ride of the year next week, a week from today in fact. Can't wait!

if you say itMJ
Apr 3, 2002 8:10 AM
it will happen - you have to will winter away at this time of the year - start by wearing shorts, Tevas and leaving the jacket at home - sure it's cold at first but eventually you'll win your battle of the wills with winter