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Spoke breakage and wheel truing....(2 posts)

Spoke breakage and wheel truing....DannyBoy
Apr 2, 2002 7:37 PM
Been riding an open pro rim laced with DT s/s spokes to a 2001 Chorus hub for about a year. Been fine until the last 3 weeks where I've broken 3 spokes, all drive side?

The roads I've been riding since moving to NZ are a bit rougher than UK, but nothing too bad? Any idea what might have caused this? Been doing a few more hard sprints, hills etc.

The wheel has been re-trued again this week, but I notice all the drive side spokes are a fair bit tighter than non drive side, is this usual - bike shop dude (who's known as a bit of a rip off merchant) thinks wheel could do with rebuilding.

whatchoo tink 'bout that?
and you're ready for a rebuild...guido
Apr 2, 2002 8:24 PM
If the rim hasn't taken a set, the seam opposite the valve hole is still even, and otherwise looks okay, now would be a great time to replace all the spokes and do a good trueing and tensioning. #2 and 3 spokes probably broke because #1 broke, and so on.

The trick is to tension all the spokes the same, so that they make close to the same note when plucked. A spoke with a dull thud could break from flexing. A spoke with a higher pitch around some with lower pitches might very well snap in an out of saddle effort or a nice bump.

It's normal for the drive side spokes to be higher pitched than the non-drive side spokes. If they all make the same note and the rim is centered and true, they'll hold.