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Mondonico Futura Leggero(5 posts)

Mondonico Futura Leggerojbond
Apr 2, 2002 6:56 PM
I'm thinking of buying a Mondonico, but have been able to find very little in the way of reviews on the Futura Leggero. The few reviews I have found say they are fantastic bikes... any comments? I am a climber, not a racer, and I weigh about 150lbs.

I'm also looking at Serotta, Bianchi, Torelli, and Calfee (all steel frames--except Calfee, which is Carbon.)
re: Mondonico Futura LeggeroDINOSAUR
Apr 2, 2002 7:28 PM
Don't own one, did a lot of research on steel frames. Mondonico makes all the top of the line Torellis. Very well constructed using the old world pinning method. The owner of my LBS is an old Colnago man and he says his Mondonico foco rides better than his Colnago. I was just turned off by the 4 month waiting period and considering the famous Italian time, probably longer. Take a look at the Torelli Nitro Express. But if I had a choice of all the bikes you listed I'd go with Serotta, however they are priced high. Lots of custom steel bikes also from American frame makers, Steelman, Anvil, Strong, Rex. A lot of it comes down to geometry when making the final choice. Do some reserach and poke around, lots of choices. Check out the current addition of Cycle Sport magazine they have a list and review of most every bike out there. You can weed through them and note all the steel comes down to $$$$$ and how much you want to spend..
re: Mondonico Futura Leggerocycleguy
Apr 2, 2002 9:42 PM
I have had one for about seven months. I will start by saying that you could pick any of the bikes you mentioned and not feel any regret, unless of course the fit sucked. I will also say that if you are a climber and want a bike that will make you just a better climber then go with a good carbon fiber frame like Calfee. I don't think anything climbs better then CF, all things equal.

As for a review, I posted one that you must of read. I don't race either. I just love to ride. I own bikes made of steel, al. and cf. Have done centuries on all of them.

My ride of choice right now is the Futura Leggero. I was looking for a Lugged Italian steel frame. Not because I was looking for the ultimate ride. I was looking for a bike that touched, not only my ass, but my soul! One that would emit the same feelings I got from going down a hill at over 40 mph. Or sweating my ass off going up a hill I was not ready to climb. There are lots of bikes out there that could meet those expectations, perhaps as well or even better. But none that "spoked" to me as the Mondonico did when I first saw it. Yes, I did not get all the percieved yada, yada, yada that goes along with a 100 mile all day long test ride.

I did get a bike that excedes my limited riding skills. It climbs almost as well as my OCLV. It corners better then I can. As a side bar it has drop outs that allow you to change the wb and cs length. For those who want to fine tune. You can get one with any fork you want and grouppo, little Italian there. or is it French? LOL

Bottom line. Yea finally. Mine was painted in Italy in the Orange to Black fade. It's one of the most beautiful colors I have seen. It's made by only one guy. His name is on the bike. Made like few are made anymore. It will be replace only if by another made by him and only if he fits me personally and I can look him in his eyes and see into his soul. Then I think I have, just by riding and looking at my Modonico.

You can call Bill, the importer of both Mondonico's and Torelli bikes from his web page, He will answer any question by the next day. A great cyclist to deal wih.
re: Mondonico Futura Leggeromanofsteel
Apr 2, 2002 9:46 PM
I own a Mondonico EL-OS 52cm. This is my second bike after riding Bianchi for 12 years. I gotta tell you, aside from the appealing looks, the ride is just so darn comfortable. The handling is so crisp. I'm a 5'7" 135 lb climber and an aspiring racer. But since most of my training is of endurance pace, comfort is more important to me. I've never used any other material but steel. I highly recommend purchasing a Mondonico if you can find one. There's not a week that goes by that someone makes me an offer for my frame. No way I'm selling this beauty! Isn't the FOCO model the one that's hardest to get?
re: Mondonico Futura LeggeroDINOSAUR
Apr 3, 2002 6:49 AM
The FOCOS are all custom made to your specs. Four month waiting period (don't know if that includes the paint job).

Mondonico also makes the Torelli Nitro Express which is FOCO.