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Hand Numbness(18 posts)

Hand NumbnessFred2000
Apr 1, 2002 4:47 PM

I just switched from MTB to Road and I am experiencing hand numbness or tingling when I ride. It seems like it happens after about 1/2 hour of riding. I have been moving my hand positions around but still seems to occur, esp. on the hoods and in the drops.

I have been fit to the bike (which is custom) and I am not sure if this is just me getting use to the new position of the Road bike or if there is something I am doing wrong. I will have the fit check in the next day or so to make sure it is good.

Thanks, Jon
re: Hand NumbnessBigburlymtnman
Apr 1, 2002 5:09 PM
Yea, I used to get that a lot, also. When I first started road riding (I am and was a mtn biker), the circulation in my arms seemed a bit strange when I rode. What I did was just dangle my arms every once in a while. It went away, and I haven't had it since. It's very strange, I don't know what caused it, I jsut wanted to let you know that you aren't the only one who's experienced it.

BBMM has it right (nm)Kerry
Apr 1, 2002 5:35 PM
painful sometimes...floatch
Apr 1, 2002 5:40 PM
I don't really have numbness problems, I have some light pain issues! The large muscle on the palm of my hand (kind of under my thumb) is the one that hurts. The only time I experienced anything like this on my MTB was after 5-6+ hours in the saddle! It's not really painful, just annoying. I've found that if I shake my arms at my sides or massage that muscle with the curve of the road bar, it goes away for a while. It happens after about 30 minutes of riding, so if anyone knows anything, please share!
yEAH, i'VE HAD IT...OOPS...CAPS LOCK...I mean: Yeah, I've had itAhimsa
Apr 1, 2002 6:05 PM
Tried swapping gloves and shaking out my hands and even voodoo rituals involving taking rum and bat semen to a grave yard, but it was to no avail. Then I flipped the stem so that I was no longer ultra aero (I had the seat maybe 5 inches above the bars I think) and the problem was gone.

I know, "what was he thinking having such a goony set up?"

I dunno. I set that bike up with the stem flipped and thought I'd try a really dropped position. Some of the local cats I know do it so I figured I'd give 'er a go.

It was great for everything but my hands and neck. I'll stay just barely below seat height from now on.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER PART: If you set up yer bike this way, more power to ya. It ain't for me. And yes, if you ride this way I think you are a goon. Sorry, I'm not here to blow smoke up yer fundamental opening. If you like it, great.

A. (just like okra, couldn't knock it 'til I tried it)
a. = gainsbourg, kerouac, burroughs & hunter s. all in one ;-)Spirito di Finocchio
Apr 1, 2002 6:36 PM
if i was a woman....ooooooooohhh baby

but im not so..(chest out, bravado-ish, look em in the eye) ....yeah - your allright, for a guy.
Ah, ya flatter me.Ahimsa
Apr 1, 2002 6:53 PM
Look man, you gotta straighten up and fly right, see? These hessians will take you for a sissy and throw ya to the pigs if yer not careful. Let 'em know anything about what yer feeling, and woosh! they get up in yer head like homemade spirits.

A man may pat a man's butt on a football field, but I don't play football. Ya hear?

; )

A. (Always considered myself more of a Humphrey Bogart cast in a film based on Don DeLillo's "White Noise" and directed by Terry Gilliam. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!) just and always have been sam lowry fighting against .Spirito di Finocchio
Apr 1, 2002 7:39 PM of 27b-6's.

and you should know that i have 27 different versions of "brasil" which i play on continous loop whenever im behind my little 'puter. time just drifts away...

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tomorrow's just another day........

you know if anyone wants to picture who i am..... just think of the bartender in the i missed out on that role is a shame to every casting director that ever lunched at spago's or nobu depending on which coast they choose to waffle on in.

oh, you dont have to worry about my amorous persuasions as long ago when i was asked "have you ever slept with 2 women".....i raised my chin, blew smoke rings whilst stubbing out my galouise and proclaimed in a nonchalant manner "2?.....ive slept with hundreds". (followed by whilstes and goading applause yet each of them held silent detest for me as they knew it true not of exagerated measure)

some cats just swing like that.

Humphrey bogart? you dont strike me as a man thats short of stature and has an unnerving inability to smile!

harry tuttle perhaps?
Apr 2, 2002 9:04 AM
I suppose I meant Bogey more in the way of wit, not build or face. I don't think I look like anyone of the famous persuasion, though I have been told I resemble various people and never the same one twice. Ah, wait, I take that has been said that I resemble....ah never mind.

I'm not much of one for stars. Old movie stars? Yes, but stardom in general makes me want to choke people. In the age of reality TV and eMpTV we have really lost all sense of dignity in the public eye.

Better to be unseen these days. The rubes don't know this of course, and that should be the first indication that visiblity is a handicap.

Ah, but I've gotten derailed from our topic.

Did we have a topic?

I forget.


never let a topic get in the way of a good thread ;-) nmSpirito di Finocchio
Apr 2, 2002 10:26 AM
"Is this phase one of lumpy gravy?" ...nm128
Apr 2, 2002 12:53 PM
an advantage to higher barsTig
Apr 1, 2002 7:57 PM
I ride with my bars only 1 1/2 inch lower than my saddle and enjoy the range of positions it provides me. I have a very flexible and strong lower back and can achieve a flat, aerodynamic back even with the bars not being dropped 3 or 4 inches. How? Simple. A deeper bend in the elbows is all it takes. Straiten the elbows a little to relax at the back of a group and the position is very comfy. With the bars dropped too low, this option is gone.
I just switched from a 120 to a 130 mm -10 degree stem, combined with short reach/short drop Deda 215's.
A Strong Back...JBurton
Apr 1, 2002 8:25 PM
...and bent elbows will help to take pressure off of that nerve that causes hand-numbness, as should more experience in the saddle and possibly an alteration in position on the bike. So many riders ride with locked elbows. When I am tired, I find myself reverting to these old habits, as well. Then I really notice the onset of numbness (@2 1/2+ hrs).

My girlfriend likes the Body Geometry gloves by Specialized. There is a gel patch just under the nerve responsible for numbness. That extra bulk would probably take some getting used to, however. They are made extremely well, also.

What kind of custom bike did you get recently?
not a custom, but a Merckx Fuga...Tig
Apr 2, 2002 11:11 AM
The head tube is much taller than my old bike's was, so I had to use a -10 degree stem and only a small spacer to get a position low enough.

It has taken years to learn, but I tend to keep my elbows bent at least a little at all times. I like the Pearl Izumi Gel Lites for extra comfort over other gloves I've tried.
I had the same problemLigon
Apr 1, 2002 6:52 PM
I had the same problem when I first began to ride road. I think my problem was my seat was tilted to far foward and it was causing me slide foward on the saddle. So, to keep from sliding foward I would put a lot of pressure on the bars which would cause my hands and fingers to go numb about 30 minutes into the ride. After I realized that this might be the problem I tilted the saddle back ever so slightly and the problem has vanished. This may or may not help you it was just the solution to my problem.

re: Hand Numbnessguido
Apr 1, 2002 7:32 PM
How about this: On a mountain bike, you hold the bars with your elbows out, forearms slightly crooked. Shocks are absorbed along the length of the arms and through the elbows on a horizontal plane through the flat handlebars.

When you go over to a road bike, the handlebars are narrower, the brake hoods are rotated around 90 degrees, and the drops are held vertically. Your arms are closer in, elbows bent in a different angle, and the shocks roll through the arms in more vertical vectors, lines of force, or whatever you want to call it.

The nerves that run down your arms bend, stretch, and get stressed at the elbows and mostly that's where you'll feel the tingling, right? Shaking them out gets rid of it because you're allowing the blood to flow freely through the elbows and take pressure off the nerves.

This problem usually goes away after the arms get used to the different holds on the drop handlebars.
yup- saddle tilttemplecat
Apr 2, 2002 6:23 AM
Had a similar prob on my fixie, to the eye the saddle looked level.... but put a level on it (you might even have to tip the nose of the saddle up a bit to have the "seat" of the saddle level). Viola! no more hand pain.

good luck

Two different but related problems.Spoke Wrench
Apr 2, 2002 6:30 AM
If your thumb, forefinger and middle fingers are numb, that's carpal tunnel syndrome. It is the result of compressing the medial nerve. One solution that frequently works is Grandoe gloves. These are designed with a groove in the padding that prevents compression of the medial nerve.

If your little finger and ring fingers are numb, that's the result of compressing the nerve that runs down the outside of the hand. Specialized Body Geometry gloves have padding that is designed to address this problem.